What happened to all the old stuff?

In my high school days, and the first couple years of college, I maintained a pretty sensationalized version of my life at a site I called The Realm. It used to be known as “The Realm of Jared Smith” before I snipped the “of Jared Smith” off just before version 1.0 was unleashed in October of 1999. I featured updates on my personal life, my futile quests to obtain various girls that I codenamed for “security reasons,” song parodies, and Special Reports, where I basically over-sensationalized various events in my daily life in a way that would make FOX News jealous. The Realm went through four major and one minor revision during the four and a half years it was commissioned. Over the years it gradually became less of a song parody showcase and indeed became more personal. A unique feature of The Realm was the message board, which lived on until I shut down the first version of jaredwsmith.com earlier this year. (I’m debating whether to keep the message board as-is or totally realign the content with the blog.) Every Realm revision contained some sort of gaudy, useless special effect until version 4.5, where I reworked the site to be less flashy and more consistent with Web standards.

I’ve had a few inquiries in the last few days asking about the whereabouts of the old stuff. Because I’m a nostalgic freak, I’ve archived every design since version 1.0 in varying locations on my Web server. I have yet to reinstate version 4.5, but I’ll get that back online one day.

Please note that these designs may contain a lot of bugs varying from JavaScript problems to MySQL errors. Because I haven’t maintained these designs since they were retired, and have moved them around from location to location, that will certainly break a lot of things. You’ll want to use IE to capture the essence of the special effects I was very prone to (ab)using in those days. Also, some of the opinions held then do not necessarily reflect my opinions now. Case in point: I used to be the biggest IE fanboy EVER. Not anymore…

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy.

The Realm, v1.0
Realm2K (The Realm, v2.0)
The Realm, Millennium Edition (v3.0)
The Realm, Version Four (v4.0)