Open thoughts on jwsdotcom in the next couple months

The intent of was never to rest on its laurels as merely a WordPress blog. No, my ambitions for this site far transcend anything I have ever attempted. The goal is to leave it all on the table, and for people to take it for what it’s worth. In short, this could be very cool.
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If you’re a music addict like I tend to be, then you should really look into, formerly known as Audioscrobbler. It’s quite sweet, as it lists your musical tendencies. It accomplishes this by a small plugin you put in your media player. It’s totally unobtrusive (at least with Winamp) and seems to work very smoothly.

Here’s my profile there if you’re interested. You can also get to it by the link to in the sidebar, under “Queued in Winamp.”

Ugh. Sports just aren’t working in my favor.

The good: The Panthers won, and the Yankees lost.

The bad: Braves lose that 18-inning double-game, totally ruining an outstanding start by Tim Hudson; the Padres got swept out of the playoffs (though we kinda knew that was coming); the Panthers almost lost against the freaking CARDINALS; and the Chargers are well on their way to penalizing themselves the length of the football field and more against a team that’s known for not making mistakes. (UPDATE: The Chargers lost on a last-second field goal. They played well in the second half, but they have to play a full 60 minutes of football. I also think Ben Roethlisberger’s season is over. That blow he took to his knee will tear an ACL nine times out of ten.)