Firefox 1.5 is released

Today the Mozilla Corporation decreed Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 3 be the final release and released it to the public with some nice enhancements to the browser and some significant upgrades to the Gecko HTML layout engine.

Initial thoughts:

  • Reordering tabs is very, very slick.
  • The new update mechanism is outstanding.
  • – the site of the recently introduced Mozilla Corporation, the business arm of the Mozilla Foundation – just sounds so strange to me.
  • It seems a bit snappier, which is always good.

So now we’re on the road to Firefox 2.0. That should be quite interesting. Congrats to the Firefox team for a high-quality 1.5 release. For commentary and reaction to Firefox 1.5’s release, see MozillaZine, Ben Goodger (Firefox’s lead developer), Ars Technica, and Slashdot, among other places on the Internet(s).