Monthly Archives: December 2005

Scary moments at 30,000 feet

Jeremy Hermanns describes the scene on board an Alaska Airlines MD-83 after a hole in the plane causes a rapid depressurization of the cabin and deployment of oxygen masks and such. Includes photos from his Treo. It’s a very interesting read, and I’m glad that the pilots of the aircraft were able to bring the plane in for a quick, safe landing.

My IntelliStar is buzzing. :(

Every time I watch the Local Forecast on the Weather Channel, the Intellistar – the computer in our area that runs the local forecast presentation – emits this awful buzzing sound once or twice (sometimes three times depending on which products display) during the forecast.

It sucks.

Rant:  Over.  :)

Post-Christmas Excitement!

I hope everyone out there had a fantastic Christmas or first day of Hannukah (take your pick)!

The book I co-authored, Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress should be available today, December 26, according to Amazon. So, while you’re doing your returns tomorrow, or perhaps looking for that outstanding after-Christmas sale, please feel free to drop in your local bookstore and look for it. It’ll be shelved in the Web design/Web development section of your local bookstore. If you see it, please tell me where you saw it!



Russ Feingold is my hero.

The Patriot Act was not renewed today. From CNN:

“I don’t want to hear again from the attorney general or anyone on this floor that this government has shown it can be trusted to use the power we give it with restraint and care,” said Feingold, the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act in 2001.