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Imagine my amazement at the Post and Courier at my doorstep this morning:

Newspaper screwup

In case you haven’t heard: Twelve of the 13 miners trapped after an apparent lightning strike started a cataclysmic explosion in a West Virginia mine were found dead. One is in critical condition in a hospital. Read the full AP report at CNN. Subsequent printings moved this story to the bottom of the page, replacing this errant headline with the Jack Abramoff story.

Sleep Patterns

Sleep patterns are outstanding. Typically, I’ve been going to bed around 2:30 AM to 3 AM, and waking up closer to 8 AM. (Bad habit, I know.) That’s roughly five hours of sleep.

Tonight I get tired earlier, and I go to bed at 11 PM. Therefore, it’s only natural that here I am, about a quarter til 4, wide awake and ready to start my day. :P LOL.

The Panthers are in the playoffs!

The Carolina Panthers made quick work of the Atlanta Falcons today to get into the playoffs, sacking Ron Mex…ermm…Mike Vick five times in addition to two fumbles and an interception. Unfortunately, they’ll be in as the #5 seed wild card, as Tampa Bay won the NFC South with a victory over the New Orleans Saints. (Congrats to the Bucs!) So, they’ll start on the road, traveling to the Meadowlands to face off with Eli Manning and Michael Strahan and the rest of the New York Football Giants (as Chris Berman would say) next weekend. Though with moronic losses to Dallas and Tampa Bay, the Panthers should have gotten at least a home game, if not a bye. Oh well – the playoffs are the playoffs, and when the Panthers went to the Super Bowl in ’03, they hosted a wild-card game, so it’s not like they haven’t taken the long road before.

This’ll be the first playoff appearance for the Panthers in which they do not host at least one home game. In 1996 and 2003 they both hosted the first round of the playoffs, defeating the Dallas Cowboys both times. The ’96 team managed to earn a first-round bye, too. Again, the Panthers face an NFC East team…that should be a good game. It’ll be Eli Manning’s first career NFL playoff game, so we’ll see what he’s made of when the pressure cooker’s really on. Launched!

I’d like to announce the availability of, the official website for my friend Mel and his Christian rock band. I’ve known Mel since 2nd grade; “bruthas from another mutha,” so to say, so it’s pretty awesome to do a website for him and hope it takes off. :) This project has been more than a few months in the making. It’s a simple WordPress 1.5.2 installation retooled a tad to be a bit more CMS’y. I’m holding off for a little while on migrating him to WordPress 2.0. What we’ve got right now is working pretty well, so that may wait for a little while.

Please stop over to his site and feel free to say hello! :)



And there you have it. Hope 2006 goes well for everyone. I rang it in with virtual gunfire a la Counter-Strike. Yes, I was online, like the giant loser that I am.