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[UPDATE4] Charleston Water System = Pwnt

The Charleston Water System suffered a catastrophic failure of a water main which shut down most water in the Downtown, James Island, and Folly Beach areas. It seems the water’s back up now, but a boil water advisory is likely. Most restaurants are having real issues serving food right now. What a disaster for business, especially on the eve of the Cooper River Bridge Run, when a crapload of tourists are here wanting to eat.

I was at a bar and was in desperate need of a restroom. Sucked I couldn’t use one there. What a way to cut a night short…sigh.

Here’s what we know:

  • The primary, 48-inch water main directly out of the treatment plant in Hanahan busted over Turkey Creek. This is generally the backbone of the Charleston Water System. The backbone, in essence, broke. And when the backbone breaks, panic ensues.
  • Water was rerouted through redundant pipes throughout the system. Pressure should be coming back to normal now.
  • A boil water advisory was issued for Charleston, et. al. until sampling is performed. Mt. Pleasant and other wholesale customers are not affected – generally, if Charleston Water bills you directly or you’ve experienced any type of pressure problem this evening, you should boil your water for the time being.
  • The Bridge Run is still on – it’s sponsored by Aquafina. Good thinking on their part.
  • Most hospitals (Charleston Memorial a notable exception) have adequate, functioning water supplies.

Watching people around here react to things like this always is a hoot. You have the people crowding the grocery stores in a panic much like the Apocalypse, and then you have folks like this, just chillin’.

Here’s some screen grabs and a photograph from this evening:

Water main break

Pipe = pwnt

A sign on the outside of T-Bonz in West Ashley, as my friend Tom and I were desperately searching for food:

If you have more pictures, please post a comment!

Evidence that Leo Mazzone can sit still

From Pete McEntegart’s daily 10 Spot (with my emphasis):

New Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone recently got a tattoo on his left shoulder of a red-and-blue pennant with the words “14 straight” inside it to commemorate the 14 consecutive division titles he won with his former team, the Braves. Mazzone’s players were a little surprised that the buttoned-down coach got a tattoo. But they were shocked that he sat still long enough to get it.

I’ll sure miss Leo in the Braves dugout…

Some tweaks today…

As you’ve probably seen I’ve made a lot of tweaks to the blog today. I’m in the process of tagging a majority of the posts with Technorati tags to assist my visibility out there. In addition, I’ve tweaked the style sheet up to add additional formatting polish as well as work around some nasty IE bugs. I’ve also boosted compatibility with the latest IE 7 beta (the blog looks quite good on IE 7). I’ve also changed the colors of most of the links so that you can actually find them. :) You’ve probably noticed the “What I’ve been listening to” area down below – this pulls an RSS feed from my profile to show the latest tracks I’ve listened to. Quite cool.

These tweaks should be pretty beneficial to making things a little easier around here. Improvements will be incremental, and I hope to continue to improve the blog – and the rest of the site – on a fairly regular basis.


Panthers lock up Fox for five more years


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Ensuring the long-term employment of a coach who has taken the team to a pair of conference championship games in only four seasons, the Carolina Panthers have signed John Fox to a new five-year contract.’s John Clayton reports it is a five-year, $25 million extension, making Fox one of the highest-paid head coaches in the NFL.

John Fox is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and I’m glad he’ll continue to coach in Carolina.

Musical find of the moment

A buddy of mine pointed me to Less Than Zero, a hard rock/metal band from SoCal whose debut album “Hollow” was released on March 21. You can download five of their tracks, and they’re pretty freaking awesome. I do believe I’ll have to purchase this album. The production on the tracks is absolutely superb and the songs are quite, quite sweet.

A sad example of the law of diminishing returns

Jeff Bagwell is headed to the DL, possibly for good. This part of the article is quite depressing:

Bagwell has dealt with the arthritic shoulder since 2001 and says the team never raised the issue until now. He batted no lower than .266 in the four years prior to 2005, when he missed 115 games following shoulder surgery. He has said he likely will need shoulder replacement surgery when his career is over.

I know all about the love of the game…but when it comes to something as drastic as a shoulder replacement, one must wonder when the cost is far higher than the returns. It’ll be sad to see Bagwell retire, as he’s been a model citizen for the game, but it will most definitely be for the best – his health and ability to function in everyday life.

The 60% Rewrite, Revisited

If you’re into technology and the like you probably heard the panic about Windows Vista needing 60% of its code to be rewritten. Squash (aka Phil Sim) has some additional insight into this story with background information about the dude who broke it, as well as some commentary about how Vista’s most recent slippage may be the worst Microsoft screwup ever, a lot of which I agree with. I’m not particularly liking January 2007 myself, as I wanted to build a machine for Vista. January’s always a bad month for me in terms of paychecks. Sigh.

You can imagine Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble is, erm…unhappy.