And now, for something different.

I decided today I would fool with my phone, a Motorola MPx220 smartphone running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. What began as a bit of experimentation with wallpaper turned into an XML circus.

Here’s the results of said circus – a lot of work, but it was worth it!

MPx220 hacked homescreen

Here’s an example of the default home screen for an MPx220, unceremoniously ripped from O’Reilly:

MPx220 default homescreen

As you can imagine, I’m quite pleased. =) In addition to editing the wallpaper, I changed the iconbar color, made the MRU list’s icons smaller (so I could get up to 8 frequently used apps – yes!), rearranged some of the homescreen plugins, added the “owner name” plugin, edited all the menu colors, enabled ClearType, and hacked in the Segoe Condensed font from Windows Mobile 2005.

Yes, I did a lot of it by hand. I started with the Ruttensoft Homescreen Designer demo, but as most WYSIWYG tools do, I quickly found it didn’t give me the anal-retentive options I always seem to require. ;)

Tomorrow I’ll return to things I was supposed to be doing – sometimes a diversion is healthy.

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