Padres win!

The San Diego Padres won their opener 6-1 behind a damn fine Opening Day start by Jake Peavy, Mike Piazza’s home run in his first at-bat as a Padre, Josh Barfield’s first major league hit, and Khalil Greene’s 2-run homer and RBI later in the game. The pitching was top-notch, the offense came from many […]

Padilla’s appeal denied

The Supreme Court has decided not to consider Jose Padilla’s case contesting his detention as an enemy combatant. I’m not too thrilled – I would have liked to see the justices take this on, as I feel like there are a ton of constitutional questions to be answered here, especially when it deals with the […]

LOL. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed the variety of April Fool jokes around these parts. No, the site is not reverting to The Realm look, and no, I’m still a very happy Firefox user. :) April 1 is so much fun. :)

Switching back to Internet Explorer

So I’m thinking I’m going to switch back to Internet Explorer. For all the problems it may have, ActiveX is still so amazingly convenient for plugins (plus additional free software, like BonziBUDDY, that really helps me through my day), I love scrolling marquees and background sounds (and have missed them terribly in Firefox), and, well, […]