Declaration of Independence from partisan politics

Unity08, a centrist organization that’s fed up with partisan bickering, big money in Congress, and two-party rule (among other things), offers a Declaration of Independence From Politics Without Purpose that you can sign, if you’re into signing things on the Internet(s), to show your dismay at the downright disgusting culture Washington’s taken on. I’ve signed […]

A moratorium on social interaction and other random items

Today I’m declaring a moratorium on being social, as shutting myself in my house (aside from going to work of course) for the next ~25 days or so will cost a lot less money than going out every so often. So yeah, expect lots of unusual and occasionally informative posts in this space in the […]

A new blog to announce…

Jason over at the SC Photography Guild has begun blogging, likely about all things cameras and such. Pretty sweet! I may have another blog from a friend of mine to announce here shortly. I’m just waiting for the goahead; he’s being a bit anal about his site at the moment. Plus, it’s currently in German. […]

Rainfall Totals, Weather, Etc…

I recorded 2.04″ of rain yesterday at my house on my weather station, which I’ve had running for about a month now. You can’t miss the giant Weather Underground image underneath my book plug in the right sidebar now – that’s directly from my house to Weather Underground, reporting all the pertinent current conditions (except […]