Monthly Archives: June 2006

Declaration of Independence from partisan politics

Unity08, a centrist organization that’s fed up with partisan bickering, big money in Congress, and two-party rule (among other things), offers a Declaration of Independence From Politics Without Purpose that you can sign, if you’re into signing things on the Internet(s), to show your dismay at the downright disgusting culture Washington’s taken on. I’ve signed — why not give it a shot?

A moratorium on social interaction and other random items

Today I’m declaring a moratorium on being social, as shutting myself in my house (aside from going to work of course) for the next ~25 days or so will cost a lot less money than going out every so often. So yeah, expect lots of unusual and occasionally informative posts in this space in the coming month.

I’m quite thrilled that Gregg Marshall has been hired as the CofC basketball coach. This is very positive all around for the College, from the players’ academics to fundraising contributions by boosters, and just generating more excitement with the fans. Indeed, the reaction around the unofficial discussion board is that of celebration and approval. I agree — this is a fantastic hire. User chascougs sums it all up: “Jerry [Baker, athletic director] and Co. you got it right this time.” Whoooooooops.

I need to roll out WordPress 2.0.3 here shortly. That’ll probably happen this weekend. I’m also getting light bulbs and a six-foot ladder — I have yet to have overhead lights since I moved into my new apartment. LOL. It’s not bad, really — I’m a low-light kind of person, though having lots of light available will be very useful. Unpacking more boxes would be useful, too. I’m not sure if I’m ever getting a computer desk. LOL. The picnic table is small but working out just fine for the moment. I should take pictures of that sometime.

The Padres are back to first in the NL West, one and a half games up on the Dodgers, who’ve dropped three straight. There’s a four and a half game spread between first and last in the West – awful tight division this year. .500 ball won’t cut it this time (thankfully!). Don’t get me started on the Braves — they should fire the entire bullpen. Jorge Sosa’s two closing appearances have been decent though. We’ll see. The Mets have a twelve-game pad between first and second place — barring a major collapse and a major miracle by the other NL East teams, that’s a pretty insurmountable lead. But it’s only late June, and there’s a lot of ball left to be played. Finally, my best get well wishes to baseball writer Peter Gammons, who suffered a brain aneurysm Tuesday morning. He’s in good condition at the ICU so that’s very promising news. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

A new blog to announce…

Jason over at the SC Photography Guild has begun blogging, likely about all things cameras and such. Pretty sweet!

I may have another blog from a friend of mine to announce here shortly. I’m just waiting for the goahead; he’s being a bit anal about his site at the moment. Plus, it’s currently in German. LOL. I know how he feels.

Sleeping Comcast Technician

Some guy caught his Comcast cable technician taking a nap on his couch while being on hold with the technical support line. The customer got video of it. The video is classic. It appears the tech’s been fired now – I’m not surprised.

My most recent technician was nice but had a tendency to drift off while on hold as well. At least their phone support treats their employees and their customers the same – long hold times for all!

Rainfall Totals, Weather, Etc…

I recorded 2.04″ of rain yesterday at my house on my weather station, which I’ve had running for about a month now. You can’t miss the giant Weather Underground image underneath my book plug in the right sidebar now – that’s directly from my house to Weather Underground, reporting all the pertinent current conditions (except sky condition of course). What’s cool is that if you look up most downtown zip codes — for example, 29401, you’ll get my station’s conditions versus the ASOS station at Charleston International. This also works on James Island, but West Ashley falls out of reach. Mt. Pleasant is well covered. It’s pretty cool to see the more pinpointed conditions provided by amazingly accurate weather stations in the area.

Yesterday’s rainfall came courtesy of a fairly disorganized tropical low making landfall on the Georgia coast. That moisture is making its way up the Eastern seaboard, so yeah, it’s going to rain like a mofo for the next few days.

On a personal note

So I haven’t written about myself on my own blog in months now. I’m working a lot, and looking very forward to school restarting in the fall. My new place is working out beautifully thus far. I still don’t have a girl in my life but that’s really not a bad thing, even though everyone and their mother has someone they want to fix me up with. LOL.

I really should try to be more interesting so there’s more to write about other than inconsequential performance ratings and corrupt politicians. There’s too much of that on the Internet(s). :)

Performance Rating Redux

So as we know from my rants on June 23, I am NOT a big fan of the Windows Vista Performance Rating. I’ve since re-rated my machine again and – wouldn’t you know it – it re-rated me as a 3. That’s good, because since it rated my graphics as a 1, it disabled Aero Glass for all new users unless I explicitly turned it on! So not only does the Performance Rating possibly mislead people on what’s wrong with their machine, it also is the metric that determines which features should be shut off where in order to optimize Vista’s performance. Wow. A good idea in theory, but in practice…not working out very well so far. Microsoft is supposedly reworking this feature, so I’ll withhold judgement on it until the next build I see (presumably RC1), but I must say I’m not holding my breath.