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Heat Advisory for tomorrow!

National Weather Service:

… Heat advisory in effect from 11 am to 8 PM EDT Tuesday…

The National Weather Service in Charleston has issued a heat
advisory… which is in effect from 11 am to 8 PM EDT Tuesday.

Upper level high pressure will build over the area on
Tuesday… allowing temperatures to rise into the upper 90s to
around 100 degrees. These hot temperatures… combined with humid
air… will lead to heat indices up to 110 degrees during the late
morning through the early evening hours. Inland areas can expect
the highest heat indices… however areas near the coast will still
be subjected to heat indices above 105 degrees.

Stay cool tomorrow!

That’s it for the deadline…

…wow, how quiet. Sean Casey went to the Tigers and Xavier Nady went to the Pirates for a couple pitchers to bolster the Met ‘pen, but other than that, not much happened. We’re waiting to see what deals have been reached but haven’t been announced yet. Will Soriano move? How about Maddux? Did Lidge and Oswalt stay put? Good questions for sure.

Update: Maddux to the Dodgers for Cesar Itzuris.
Another update: Soriano is staying put. The Padres also got Todd Walker from the Cubs — will they make him play third base?

Why continue to trust Diebold with ANYTHING?

The Open Voting Foundation has found a serious security flaw in the Diebold TS voting system, which could permit instant overriding of the standard operating system with pretty much anything that could be on an external flash. Scary, no? And to think, we trust this company to handle our democracy, our money…a lot of very critical, high-security things, and they totally flub up the security part. Very, very lame.

Via Slashdot.

MLB Trade Deadline!

So the trade deadline is at 4PM today. Yesterday the Yankees got Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle for the stretch run, giving away a few minor leaguers in return. The day before, the Braves made a questionable move (especially with Chipper headed to the DL) and traded Wilson Betemit to the Dodgers for Danys Baez (bullpen help, a good thing) and Willy Aybar (a mediocre reserve infielder). I’m really happy for Betemit because if it weren’t for Chipper he’d be an everyday player for the Braves, and he’ll get a great chance at that in Los Angeles. He’s been absolutely fantastic in his utility role in Atlanta. We’ll see how this works out. I’ll miss Betemit’s timely hitting and clutch fielding. Los Angeles landed a good one. I wish it was San Diego, personally, but I know that they would have had to give up Scott Linebrink for him.

Today the big rumor is the Mets sending Lastings Milledge to the Giants for Jason Schmidt or Milledge to Houston for Roy Oswalt (!!) I could see the Milledge for Schmidt swap somewhat seeing how Schmidt is a free agent after this season, but if the Astros traded Oswalt to the Mets, that would probably be a white flag at that point. Then again, I can’t see the Schmidt deal going down either, as the Giants are in the thick of it in the NL West race, and most certainly want their ace there for the stretch run.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Greg Maddux move out West, either to the Dodgers or the Padres. I could dig Maddux in a Padres uniform, though they still need tremendous help at third base (hence why I wish San Diego had gotten Betemit).

This is always quite a fun day…we’ll see what happens.

Enter DOPA: Expansion of the nanny state

CNET is reporting on the passage in the House of DOPA, the Deleting Online Predators Act, which aims to impose a federal mandate for libraries and schools to restrict access to MySpace and other sites that offer chat room or social functionality — in other words, most of the Internet — to minors. The legislation appears to be very broad, as it targets any site that permits the creation of a “public profile.” So, in other words, this includes most blogs (including this very site), message boards, chat rooms, Facebook, MySpace…you name it.

Here’s my take: It’s poor legislation that I think attacks the wrong problem the wrong way. There are perfectly legitimate academic uses for some discussion sites and blogs, I think. Yes, Internet predators are a real problem, and we have to deal with them, but let’s not ignore the possibility of predators at playgrounds and other public places. They’re still out there as well. What do we do? Ban the usage of playgrounds by minors? Restrict minors to a federally-mandated curfew? What kind of parent lets their kid onto the Internet without supervision anyway? I don’t know too many parents who let their young children out on a playground, or any public place, without some kind of supervision. The playground isn’t responsible for watching the children, the parents are. Why does the Internet have to be any different? Our government clearly knows next to nothing about how the Internet works (see Ted Stevens’ rant about “internet tubes” for a prime example) but wants to legislate the living hell out of it because it’s still relatively new and must be a breeding ground for lawlessness and anarchy. That, and it represents the circumvention of traditional media controls for the free exchange of ideas, and that seems to threaten a lot of people.

An interesting weekend…

Had a pretty interesting weekend this weekend. I attempted more unpacking (it seems like boxes just keep popping up out of nowhere, full of stuff), made an incredibly dorky video, saw a guy bowl 300, bowled fairly well myself, and met a new friend completely at random at Waffle House at 1:30am — not necessarily in that order. Was a good, low-money weekend. :P

How about you guys?


Current conditions at my house:

Temperature: 92.7 degrees
Dewpoint: 81 degrees
Humidity: 67%
Heat Index: 113 degrees
Wind: Calm

YIKES! Needless to say there’s a heat advisory for today until 8 tonight. Stay cool out there!

Landis fails drug test

Floyd Landis failed a drug test after Stage 17 of the Tour de France, it was reported today, for high levels of testosterone in his system. In a Tour already marked by doping scandals, this really takes the cake here. Landis is requesting a retest of his secondary sample in case of a false positive. If the retest comes through positive, then he’ll be fired from Phonak and will undoubtedly be stripped of his Tour victory.