Yes, I went to work today…

…and no, I didn’t leave early. In fact I left late. LOL. Things were surprisingly busy considering it was July 3 and it sure seemed like CofC was a ghost town today. I don’t even think Bobby Cremins showed up to his own news conference. (If anyone can confirm otherwise, please do so. I’m very curious about this.) Tomorrow’s the Fourth, though, which means lots of burgers, beer, and decorative explosives. It should be a great time, provided my health holds up: I’ve been feeling kinda crappy within the last 24 hours. Hope it’s just because I was up incredibly late last night.

But on to more important, interesting things…here’s life, as it stands, Monday, July 3, 2006.

The Internet(s): Welcome to the fray, Duke. Enjoy your stay in the blogosphere portion of the interweb – it’s a lot of fun. Also, Mel’s site got a quickie but thorough overhaul this weekend.

Space, The Final Frontier: The biggest Fourth of July rocket ever is scheduled to go up in Cape Canaveral tomorrow afternoon (minus the sparkling explosion part at the end, we all hope): Discovery is go for launch, pending weather conditions, despite a crack in the insulating foam found near the oxygen feedline. NASA engineers determined it wasn’t enough foam to cause a problem with the orbiter. It’s a sad, ironic shame that we’ve poured billions upon billions of dollars into the space program and had the major manned component of it basically done in by foam. Messed up, no?

In any event, my best wishes to the Discovery crew for a safe and successful flight!

Sports: San Diego is off today; they maintain a half game lead on the Rockies, pending the outcome of their game against San Francisco. Atlanta’s also in the process of clubbing the reeling Cardinals. Smoltz went six tonight, yielding three earned on seven hits (1 HR), and struck out seven. Now it’s up to the bullpen to hold the lead…something they, for lack of a better term, are not good at doing.

Steve Yzerman, the 22-year veteran (16 of those years as captain, longest tenure in NHL history) of the Red Wings, retired today. He’s had one hell of a career. Scott Burnside at has a nice writeup of his career.

This Very Blog: I’m trying a new format with the rundown posts for the day. I wrote a post similar to this yesterday, and after much pacing around my kitchen, I determined that I would deem this a “new format” and would announce it as so. I like it. I may stick with it, though announcing the “new format” may mean I abandon it after a week. LOL.

Other things on the table include an upgrade to whatever the latest WordPress release is by this weekend (currently 2.0.3 but there are rumors of 2.0.4 in what passes for trade winds on the Internet[s]). I’m also contemplating adding “current music” to the posts, much like what’s on LiveJournal. Longer-term, look for some substantial design changes as I try to flesh out the rest of the site.

I’m not sure if there will be a blog tomorrow (the smart money says no), so have a safe and happy Fourth of July!


By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.

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