Coming up this weekend: Commenting made simple(r)

This weekend I’m planning on upgrading to the latest WordPress (yes, I haven’t gotten to it the past two weekends) and installing some additional anti-spam measures on the comment system. At that time, I’m once again going to lift the registration requirement for comments for another week or two on a trial basis. Registration has traditionally been a method for me to weed out the trolls from those who wish to contribute, as well as be an extra barrier to spam bots who wish to use my site as a launching pad for illegal Viagra. Plus, it helps secure an identity to a person, so if a troll got really nasty and tried impersonating, it wouldn’t take an IP check for the public to figure out who the troll is and who the real person is. However, if this is too much of an impediment to livening up the discussion — and I have good reason to believe that it has been — then I’m totally willing to remove the barrier.

Registration will still be permitted and still be wholeheartedly endorsed as a good way to get involved in commenting. I may also look into a possible unified logon system that’s capable of working with WordPress. That may be down the line a bit, though.



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