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Stuff and things…

I think this post will be one of those miscellaneous “stuff and things” posts that touches on Ernesto and a number of other topics. Do notice that I’ve taken all the special storm links and the “tropical storm warning” bar down.


I just took a look outside and my section of Ashley Ave. continues to become more in the way of asphalt, but it’s still underwater and thus will continue to be barricaded. The winds have died off considerably but some light rain showers are still coming down. My barometer is beginning to rebound, though, and that’s a good thing. Looking at some of the satellite and radar imagery on the news tonight, it seems Ernesto’s pulling together an eye feature. I personally think that it will make Cat 1 before it makes landfall; the way it’s gotten itself together in the last 12 hours or so has been pretty impressive and i just don’t see the storm’s reorganization stopping until the center hits land.

Regular reader and commenter NotMyBest2Day compiled this animated GIF image of pretty much an entire day of Ernesto making landfall as seen through the Early Branch NEXRAD. It’s pretty awesome, and shows just how fast the storm came in and left. Dialup warning: It’s a 4MB+ file, so it may take a while to load if you’re on a narrowband connection. Worth the wait though, especially if watching long time lapse radar images is your thing.

Wells to the Padres…for a top prospect

ESPN broke the news about 20 or so minutes ago: David Wells has been traded to the Padres for an unknown quantity at this time, though we all pretty much know the Sox got highly rated prospect George Kottaras, who has a solid defensive reputation. The Sox need serious help with catching. I like Wells, especially since he’s put together a nice string of quality starts, but I don’t like giving away a top prospect for what could amount to a one month (we hope longer) rental. Wells is expected to retire after the season’s over. Let’s hope he can put San Diego over the top. It was mentioned on SportsCenter that he could fit between Jake Peavy and Chris Young in the rotation, and I like that idea.

The Gamecocks open their season tonight at Mississippi State. I know Mel’s freaking STOKED.

The Panthers play the Steelers tonight in their final preseason contest at Heinz Field. This is going to be a nice test for Carolina, especially since the Steelers travel to Carolina for what could be a very pivotal Week 15 game for both teams. In fact, that game is starting right now. I better hop to watching it in a second.

Computer Things

I saw on Slashdot that Firefox 2 Beta 2 is available. While there hasn’t been any public announcement yet, it was found on an FTP server. I grabbed it and installed it. I like it, but the theme needs a TON of work. before I can give it my 100% stamp of approval. One thing I adore: There’s a new dropdown on the far right edge of the tab bar, which lists all the tabs out for easy reach. It’s a great feature. I would like to see someone try and do an extension that mimic’s IE 7’s Quick Tabs thumbnailing feature, but I suspect this method will end up being a quicker, more efficient method, especially for large numbers of tabs.

Also, I plan on installing Vista 5536 sometime soon, maybe as early as tonight. I’m going to attempt an upgrade over Beta 2. Hopefully I don’t hose XP, otherwise I’d be in real, real trouble — guess we’ll see what happens.

I may make a post after the 8PM advisory on Ernesto. We’ll see…I’m looking forward to a restful evening of Carolina Panther football.

Later folks.


Reports: Downtown is improving

I’ve heard several accounts that say that Downtown’s flooding situation is indeed improving. There is even a report of a successful trip to Fast Food Row at the end of Spring Street — that’s always a plus. I still see standing water on Ashley (not hard to do, really) but things are improving there as well, and I’m hoping to hear of some street reopenings soon.

With the storm pretty much passed by and now leaving Charleston, I’m going to take a much-needed breather and…do homework. Hmmm. Blogging is more fun. :)

I want to thank everyone who’s been keeping up with me the last few days. What can I say, storms excite me…haha. I’m glad that the blog was of some use, and it really blew my mind to see that people were checking it before or even in lieu of news reports! A big tip of the hat goes to Daniel Conover at the Post & Courier for pointing people this direction. It’s nice to have an audience for my excited blogging every once in a while. :)


Latest wind gust and rainfall tallies

The National Weather Service released an updated wind gust list and some preliminary rain totals from around the area. Mt. Pleasant got rained on, big time! You can keep up with these types of statements on the Charleston Weather Underground page.

445 PM EDT Thu Aug 31 2006

…Tropical Storm Ernesto peak wind and rainfall reports…

The following are some preliminary peak wind gusts reported by
various observation equipment across southern South Carolina and
southeast Georgia through 300 PM EDT.

…Southeast South Carolina…
edisto buoy /41004/…………….. 40 mph
capers nearshore /cap2/…………. 37 mph
downtown Charleston /kchl/………. 36 mph
Folly Beach /fbis1/…………….. 36 mph
Charleston NOAA ship /Nancy Foster/..35 mph ++
Folly Beach city Hall…………… 33 mph
Charleston Airport /kchs/……….. 32 mph
Isle of Palms………………….. 32 mph
fripp nearshore /frp2/………….. 32 mph
Capers Island /cap1/……………. 32 mph
Edisto Beach/Handar/……………..31 mph
Edisto Beach Town Hall………….. 30 mph
fripp inlet /frp1/……………… 30 mph
Seabrook Island………………… 26 mph
Hilton Head Island /mesonet/…….. 25 mph
Pineville/Handar/………………. 24 mph
Beaufort /mesonet/……………… 22 mph

…Southeast Georgia…
sabsoon tower /skmg1/…………… 47 mph +
sabsoon tower /spag1/…………… 43 mph +
Grays Reef /41008/……………… 36 mph
Tybee Island /mesonet/………….. 28 mph
downtown Savannah /mesonet/……… 25 mph
Savannah Airport/sav/…………… 23 mph
Sapelo Island /mesonet/…………. 23 mph
ft. Pulaski /USGS/……………… 21 mph

+ observation taken at 50 meters
++ observation taken at old Navy base on the Charleston peninsula

The following are some preliminary storm total rainfall reports from
various observation equipment across southern South Carolina and
southeast Georgia through 300 PM EDT.

…Southeast South Carolina….
Mt pleasant/snee farm/………….. 5.24 inches
Daniel Island………………….. 4.50 inches +++
McClellanville…………………. 3.64 inches
Goose Creek/naval weapons/………. 2.77 inches
USGS/Moores Landing near seewee/…. 2.75 inches
Charleston Airport/chs/…………. 2.40 inches
Isle of Palm…………………… 2.01 inches
Goose Creek……………………. 1.91 inches

+++ through 320 PM

The National Weather Service wishes to thank the local media…
emergency management officials and the public for these reports.

I’ve sent in my rain total to the National Weather Service as well, so that may show up on this report soon.

5PM Advisory: Wilmington becomes ground zero

The 5PM National Hurricane Center advisory is in on 70 MPH Tropical Storm Ernesto, zeroing in on the Wilmington area as its strike point later on tonight. If you happen to have found this from Wilmington (hey, it could happen), the time to batten down the hatches is now. Here’s the map:


One thing you will definitely notice is that the tropical storm warning has been discontinued for Edisto and points southward. This, for me, is a good sign that Charleston’s warning will probably be discontinued at 8PM tonight. No hurricane warnings have been issued yet but the advisory does state in no uncertain terms that it is most definitely possible that Ernesto will be a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches the coast.

The next thing you’ll notice is that Myrtle Beach, while still very close to the center of the storm, is now projected to remain left of the track. This will spare them from the worst of the surge, and also will significantly reduce the tornado threat they could come under. Additionally, the tropical storm force wind field is overwhelmingly to the right of the storm, making it more of a rain event for the Grand Strand than originally forecast. (Sounds familiar, eh?)

As for the current conditions around my place, the skies are still very gray to my east which means another round of heavier showers is inbound. The wind has really not been that bad all day. I’ve seen a couple random branches around but it hasn’t been a big deal at all. Ashley is still underwater, of course, and this will probably be the case until daybreak tomorrow.

This radar loop, though, is the most encouraging thing I’ve seen all day. :) (Just pretend the severe thunderstorms associated with the trough of low pressure that’s pushing Ernesto away don’t exist. ;))


Radar estimated rain totals

As another squall starts to come through my part of the peninsula with some decent wind and another bout of fairly heavy rain, I wanted to show you guys some storm totals:


Radar estimates upwards of three inches of rain at Folly Beach, two inches of rain on the peninsula and in Mt. Pleasant, and over an inch in inland locations. This is consistent with what I’ve gathered at my weather station, about 2.47″ of rain since Ernesto began raining on us. Keep in mind that we had more than this in an hour on Thursday. ;)

Approaching the 5PM advisory…some questions

So we’re within an hour of the 5PM advisory on Ernesto. Here’s a few questions to get off my chest:

  • Intensity — will it be Hurricane Ernesto in an hour? Will those Hurricane Watches be upgraded to Warnings?
  • The Charleston situation — Will our Tropical Storm Warning be dropped? I think I could see that happening fairly soon. Maybe not as soon as 5PM, but I think at 8PM we’ll be out of the woods on that front.
  • Location — last I looked at the radar, it seems it had wobbled ever so slightly further eastward. Perhaps the track will be adjusted? Or maybe my eyes need it after staring at the screen all day? ;)


Damn server ate my post – let’s give this another go…

The good news is that Ashley’s receding a bit. I’ve seen some city storm drain workers around and about trying to get the…how should I put this…de-flooding process going. With the tide going out, their efforts will be helped. The winds have been kicking back up though, and the rain does continue to fall, albeit not at the clip of earlier. Charleston has about one or two more real heavy bands of rain to go before this is over. I’m encouraged by seeing the winds in the area starting to trend to the northwest though, which indicates that the center is now passing north of here and that we’ll be through this soon. But for now, the squalls continue…just got a nice gust of wind and a bit of a burst of rain, but Ashley is largely becoming dry ground again. I’ll say one thing — Ernesto was certainly no Thursday. The maximum rain per hour we got was 1.18″, and the total for today comes in so far at 2.24″, which is a far cry from the 2.30″ of rain we got in 20 minutes last Thursday. I’m starting to dry out, which is good, and I think my outdoor activities are over unless the winds really start to kick up for a while, in which case I’ll do my ten minutes of being Cantore with hair.

I do have concern over Wilmington and Myrtle Beach though — they’re squared up for a date with what will probably be a 75-80 MPH Category 1 Hurricane Ernesto by the time it finally makes landfall at 8 tonight. I can see hurricane warnings going up in that area when the 5PM advisory comes out. From there, Ernesto’s rains will devastate an already saturated Mid-Atlantic region. Not looking good up that way at all…

Again, I totally apologize for the downtime we’ve had today. It’s very disappointing. But I really want to thank everyone who have kept coming back and reading — it’s been a great drive to keep going, and it’s been a lot of fun. :)

Ashley Ave. shut down

Police have just shut down Ashley Ave. I’ve got some great pictures. It appears the Calhoun and Ashley intersection is also flooding. More soon…

We’ve gotten .71″ of rain in the last hour, and that number continues to rise. High tide is in 20 minutes.

UPDATE — a flash flood warning has just been issued for Downtown and surrounding areas.

UPDATE 2 — Just got back from my swim on my street…take a look.

Underwater up to the sidewalk...I'd say probably three or four inches of standing water, easy.  It was worse Thursday.Is this seat taken?Corner of Calhoun and Ashley.Barricade fell over due to the water...

The peak rainfall was 1.18″ an hour, and that came just 20 minutes before high tide. Radar estimates that the peninsula didn’t get it as badly as Folly did, though:

Radar estimated one-hour totals.

And I leave with this note, that requires no explanation except that it is frickin’ WET out there…

"He's just a washed up one-hit wonder computer geek..."

Now to read the 2PM advisory, which is looking pretty bleak for North Carolina…