More weather station updates

Today was a nice, cool, rainy day, so what else to do but work on my weather station?

After further review, I decided not to use Virtual Weather Station. It’s a very good program, but for my particular hardware (the La Crosse WS-2315), it wasn’t good enough. I’d miss up to six updates from the station until an update made it to the Weather Underground server. This was true when I was using the Linux box, and also turned out to be true with VWS, even when doing tweaks to the communication frequency and enabling Rapid Fire every two seconds.

I discovered a great freeware called Weather Underground/Heavy Weather Uploader. It primarily uses the Heavy Weather software supplied to interface with the La Crosse console to upload the data to Weather Underground. This happens very infrequently, though. Recent versions of WUHU (as it’s abbreviated) also permits one to interface directly with the La Crosse console, bypassing the Heavy Weather software altogether. This gives me the results I want — when the station receives new data, the Uploader transmits new data to Weather Underground, and updates it. It truly is real-time, now, and a vast improvement. My only complaint is that the current iteration of WUHU does not transmit exact wind speed/gust data; instead, it rounds it up to the nearest whole number; WTF? I want at least one decimal point of precision. I hope they fix this. Other than that though, this thing is really rocking.

In any event, I decided to quickly do up a teaser page for, the latest in a long line of subdomains hanging off It offers a quick link to the Rapid Fire page that Weather Underground provides for real-time stations such as mine. On the long-term radar (pun not intended) is a PHP METAR parser of some kind so I can generate my own conditions page, among other things, so won’t be a teaser page with deprecated HTML forever. ;)

By the way, the temperatures today were amazing, and at one point, I had over an inch of rain in an hour — a nice, soaking rain. And a “high” of 75 was a great change of pace from 100+ degree heat!

In any event, if you’re in Charleston, please pass the word around about weather.jwsdotcom — I hope to turn this into something really cool soon.