From out in left field…figuratively and literally.

Today CofC IT had a professional development retreat (read: we went to the park and played wiffleball for two hours).

Two observations:

  1. I am quite out of shape, as I’m pretty sore and beat right now, and
  2. Pitching a wiffleball is an exercise in futility — I gave up a ton of hits, about six runs, especially on two big bombs that resulted from me hanging an underhand knuckleball right over the plate. (Yes, the underhand knuckleball can work.)

It was a good time, though, despite my astronomical wiffleball ERA and resulting pain and fatigue. It’s something we must do more often.

In other news, searching for the name “Kyrie” on MySpace yields about 864 results, mostly females who are aged 18-22, which can only mean one thing (and I feel for these ladies, I really do): Their parents named them after a Mr. Mister single.

Can’t think of any other randomness at the moment. I’m getting a tad nervous about classes starting back up next week. Something about inserting myself back into mainstream college society after a year break, feeling like an old fogey.

One thought on “From out in left field…figuratively and literally.

  1. NotMyBest2Day

    Rofl…Kyrie. That’s so funny.

    I know I’m out of shape. I need to get up the courage to start running again. I used to do a whole lot of cardio work a few years ago and was able to run 3 miles and not be winded. Freshman year of high school, I averaged 6:25 for a mile, with my best being 6:09. Probably back up in the mid-8’s now.

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