So far, it’s just a really gloomy, lousy day.

Well I sure as heck couldn’t wake up again at 5am, and that’s probably a sign I have a twinge of sanity left. It’s a tad soggy out but nothing out of the ordinary has been recorded. I’ve measured about 0.18″ of rain so far from the first outer band — yeah, that was it.

Seems like with every passing update, the further east the track gets pushed. Get a load of the 5am advisory:

5AM forecast track of Ernesto.  Courtesy NOAA

We’re now looking at a landfall just a hair below the border. Charleston is even less likely now to feel those tropical storm conditions. We’ll see if there are any tweaks at 8 and 11 but I must say that we are getting awful close to landfall. However, never ever ever rule out the ability of a tropical system to jog one way or the other — ten miles can make a big difference. Also, it’s worth noting that Ernesto’s a 50 MPH system now, and will probably intensify even further on the final leg of its journey.

See you guys sometime after 8. I may hop out and get milk. Haha.