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Padres make the playoffs!

Well, it’s official: The San Diego Padres will be in the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in franchise history!

ESPN tells the story:

Whether the Padres advance as NL West champions or as the wild card team won’t be decided until Sunday’s regular-season finales. But that was no reason to squelch the celebration.

“We’re going to celebrate this, but not go overboard,” Bochy said as champagne flew all around him. “It’s a great day.”

The San Diego victory eliminated Philadelphia from postseason contention, while the Padres and Los Angeles remained tied for the NL West lead after the Dodgers won at San Francisco 4-2.

If the two still are even after Sunday’s games, the Padres get the division title because they won the season series against Los Angeles.

Pretty cool, I must say — let’s hope the Padres can scratch out the win against the D-Backs’ ace Webb tomorrow so we can be assured of the NL West title.

A small visual refresh…

I’ve been playing with the site today a bit. Please do note the updated menus, which I hope will do a slightly better job of setting off what section is open and what isn’t. You may also notice that I’ve added the menu to the planet, as well as cleaned things up a bit there.

There may be a few more tweaks as the day goes on, but I’m going to try and enjoy the rest of the gorgeous afternoon. Later folks!


A gorgeous, temperate morning…

A great way to start off Friday: 65 degrees, and low humidity. Can’t ask for much more right now. That, coupled with the music of Ryan Farish from In The Day and the fact that the Padres won last night to keep their one-game lead in the NL West, it’s been a pretty good morning. The only thing that would make it better would be a lack of this extremely cheesy case study for Bio 101. Yikes.

Have a great day folks.


Been a couple days…

Busy times these days. Last night was fantastic; my friend Heather and I went to see The Have Nots perform, and they were absolutely hysterical. They come highly recommended for their energy and absolute willingness to broach any subject. The extra improv session at the end was fantastic as well. Great times.

Here’s what else is new… Continue reading

Firefox 2.0 RC1!

Firefox notified me that Firefox 2.0 RC1 was released tonight, and I promptly grabbed it. I’ve been running the Firefox 2 beta releases and they’ve been very nice improvements. This new release candidate is nicely polished (i.e. the icons aren’t fugly anymore) and stability has been good (which has been true of all of the Firefox 2 releases I’ve tested).

One catch: Firefox updates don’t seem to work right on Vista. You’ll restart Firefox only for Beta 2 to remain, and you’ll be befuddled. The culprit — of course — is User Account Control. Firefox doesn’t trigger a privilege elevation request when it restarts the program to install RC1, so it never gets installed.

The workaround is to right-click on Firefox’s shortcut, hit “Run as administrator,” confirm that you want to run Firefox with elevated privileges at the UAC prompt, and then check for updates within Firefox off the Help menu. It’ll download and install the RC1 update, and prompt you to restart Firefox. This time, it’ll work fine. I probably should file a bug for this one.

More reaction tomorrow. Time for BED!

Facebook now open to the public

So online social networks site Facebook is now open to the public. This is good and bad; it kinda sucks now that Facebook isn’t a “privileged” sort of thing (by going to a university, for example) but it’s a good thing in that people that I would want to use Facebook that couldn’t now can. Plus, membership will go through the roof, which is good for Facebook’s advertisers and the company’s pocketbook. ;)

If you sign up, please feel free to add me as a friend — my profile badge is under my blogroll area on the right. From there you can access my profile and send me a request. :)

Surprise! It’s fall!

Fall most definitely took a grasp over the Charleston area overnight after that cold front went through yesterday. The airport, right now, is reporting 63°. I’m currently reporting 68°, while Snee Farm is reporting a crisp 63° as well, and Seabrook Island is reporting a devilishly delightful 66.6° this morning. Dew points, and thus humidity, will remain low today. The NWS is expecting a nice, dry, 80° day today — can’t complain! Icing on the cake: The strong wind shear has put the kibosh on anything trying to get going in the tropics. Very, very nice.

Keep an eye on all the Charleston weather stations to see how their temperatures progress throughout the day.

My reputation precedes me

It’s always hilarious to come back and see a message asking me if I caught the new Weather Channel show, Abrams & Bettes. For the record, I did not — I was watching ESPN NFL Countdown, and playing with Vista most of the night.

Speaking of Vista, Office 2007 is now properly installed in my fresh Build 5728 installation — I feel like that for the first time the performance and relative stability is there now to possibly make me productive. This is assuming I don’t keep moving windows around watching the backgrounds blur, though…which I have a terrible habit of doing. :-P Build 5728 is sweet though. It performs well, uses memory more judiciously, and feels much snappier. There are still some annoying glitches, but I get the feeling they are at this point driver related.

Congrats to the Saints. What a win down there. Nothing like seeing Mike Vick look dumbfounded. :)

‘Night folks…


Isn’t it wonderful?

I am so thrilled to see the Saints coming out and dominating the Falcons in their first game back in New Orleans. It literally almost brings a tear to my eye. While there are still many, many problems to be dealt with in the city, seeing the Saints do well has to be unbelievably uplifting for the residents of New Orleans — it’s sure doing an emotional number on me tonight.

Trevor (All-)Time Saves Leader

It’s a fantastic day in San Diego: Trevor Hoffman got Save No. 479 today in San Diego, capping off an all-important 2-1 victory for San Diego over Pittsburgh. Many congratulations to him and to the Padres — he got the record, and the Padres maintained their 1 1/2 game lead over the Dodgers. Today would only have been better for them had the Diamondbacks defeated the Dodgers. ;)