A small visual refresh…

I’ve been playing with the site today a bit. Please do note the updated menus, which I hope will do a slightly better job of setting off what section is open and what isn’t. You may also notice that I’ve added the menu to the planet, as well as cleaned things up a bit there. […]

Firefox 2.0 RC1!

Firefox notified me that Firefox 2.0 RC1 was released tonight, and I promptly grabbed it. I’ve been running the Firefox 2 beta releases and they’ve been very nice improvements. This new release candidate is nicely polished (i.e. the icons aren’t fugly anymore) and stability has been good (which has been true of all of the […]

Surprise! It’s fall!

Fall most definitely took a grasp over the Charleston area overnight after that cold front went through yesterday. The airport, right now, is reporting 63°. I’m currently reporting 68°, while Snee Farm is reporting a crisp 63° as well, and Seabrook Island is reporting a devilishly delightful 66.6° this morning. Dew points, and thus humidity, […]