Wide Left

Wow. So I watched The Game today, and it was quite, quite impressive…back and forth and back and forth and all that. There were some really sweet plays, like the 295-pound lineman from Clemson rumbling his way 80-something yards for the touchdown; and then there were some really idiotic plays, like the Carolina fumble recovery […]

Yet another reason why I don’t quite blend in (or: Blasphemy!)

I’m about to make a startling admission, at risk of expulsion from the state, a few of my friendships, and just society in general: I’m probably the only sports fan in South Carolina who doesn’t really have an opinion on today’s South Carolina v. Clemson game. Hell, for my first twelve years in South Carolina […]

Things learned this evening at Ale’s

The Nintendo Wii might be the most fun console, right out of the box, ever created. Nintendo has hit a home run with this product, at least in the short term — the key is to keep the games fresh and upcoming. WiiSports is awesome. I am in love with the baseball game in particular. […]

Does Wi-Fi cause ILLNESS?

Kate Figes in the United Kingdom thinks so, and she’s got a lot of UK schools so convinced that Wi-Fi causes illness that they’ve banned Wi-Fi devices. WTF, mate? We may as well shut down radio stations, other devices on the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the electrical grid, and the sun, because all those cause radiation […]