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We set a record today — this was the earliest date that Charleston Airport has ever recorded snow:

… Unofficial earliest snowfall on record occurred at Charleston
International Airport this morning…

Charleston International Airport recorded a trace of snowfall this
morning which according to National climatic data center records is
the earliest calendar date on which snow has been reported.
Previously… the earliest date on which snow was recorded was
November 25 1950… when a trace of snowfall was recorded.

One note is that frozen precipitation was reported in the form of
ice pellets… commonly known as sleet… on November 5 1995… also
amounting to a trace.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my weather station this morning; temperatures continued to fall until about 15 minutes ago, but they appear to be rebounding a bit from 38.5 to a balmy 38.8. :P The forecast is for it to hit 50; with the way things are right now, it’ll take a break in the rain very soon in order for it to happen. I did see a bit of snow mixed in with the rain as I was taking my walk downtown this morning, though I was much more concerned about not being completely blown over by the high wind gusts.

I’ve measured nearly an inch of precipitation today, and it won’t be letting up anytime soon over the next couple days. This is just a nasty, nasty cold rain and, well, I hate it. But watching people panic over wet snow that doesn’t stick to the ground is incredibly amusing…

O.J. Simpson is such a dirtbag…

…not even Rupert Murdoch will run his trashy TV series and book in which he details a “hypothetical” way he would have killed his wife and Ron Goldman. No one on Earth with anything resembling humanity would publish such filth. I’m glad to see that News Corp. has some shred of dignity left and cancelled the project. I can’t believe they gave honest consideration and poured publicity money into the project in the first place. I wonder if O’Reilly had anything to do with this, as he claims he did…

I hope we can forget this terrible reopening of these wounds and let O.J. collect his NFL pension out of the limelight, where he belongs…

Well, I think I found my breakfast for this morning

Last night (or really, really early this morning) I wrote there was no chance of snow, blah blah blah. And then, I find this Special Weather Statement in my inbox.

… Frozen precipitation will mix with rain at times this

Frozen precipitation… in the form of sleet and snow… will
occasionally mix with rain at times through the mid morning hours.
The sleet and snow will occur during times of heavier
precipitation. The frozen precipitation will not accumulate… but
rainfall and strong winds may result in hazardous driving conditions
this morning. Motorists… especially those in high profile
vehicles… should use caution when traveling across bridges due
to the high winds.

Tune to NOAA Weather Radio all hazards or visit the National
Weather Service in Charleston on the internet at weather.Gov/chs
for the latest forecasts and statements.

It’s not “fun” snow, though. It’s snow and sleet mixed with — you guessed it — crappy, terrible cold rain. Talk about a commuter nightmare this morning…and I get to walk in this crap in about 20 minutes…

In case you think your IQ is a little too high…

…take a few points off by listening to Tila Tequila. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Ms. Tequila is quite a “#1 fan” (if you dare click, you’ll understand) of the F-word. This link is, most decidedly, NSFW. (In all honesty, I’m not sure that the link is safe for, erm, anything, but hey…) I am not responsible for any personal distress or harm you may incur by clicking on that link, including spontaneous bleeding of your ears and the aforementioned IQ erosion. I also am not responsible for you listening to its infectious and incredibly profane chorus repeatedly, as I have taken to doing (four plays and counting, to be exact). I am going to need a major Trammell Starks adjustment on the iPod tomorrow morning.

(Thanks, Jill. :P)

Other things of note…

In addition to fawning over Office 2007, I’ve had a few other things going on that are worth noting. Here’s two more nerd items and then some general real life things…

  • I’m now running Windows Vista Business Gold, build 6000, at work. The differences between RC2 and Gold are mainly visual in nature, but things also seem much smoother just in general operation. It doesn’t really handle like a beta anymore, which is pretty fantastic. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s faster than XP about some things, and that says a lot. I’ll have more of a full review in the coming days, as the driver situation begins to shake out a bit more. I was also able to install the newly-minted gold version of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition as well. Performance is much improved. Office 2007 is one of the best software packages to ever find its way out of Redmond, and they managed to keep it small enough to fit on a CD, to boot.
  • This weekend I decided to switch back to using iTunes 7 for sending files to my iPod versus Winamp’s functionality. It seemed Winamp had totally mislabeled the songs from Ryan Farish’s Beautiful album, so listening to a song from Beautiful was certainly an act of mystery, as I had no clue what I was going to get. After firing up iTunes, it prompted me to upgrade my first-generation Nano to software version 1.3. Bug fixes, better standby times…hey, why not? I proceeded with the installation. Things got off to a fairly inauspicious start, with the whole downloading of the software from the Apple servers and the like going smoothly. iTunes told me that it was going to initiate the installation, and that the iPod would restart a couple times. Then, an endless progress bar. I gave it a few minutes, and then got frustrated. I hit The Google™ and promptly found instructions to unplug the Nano, give it five seconds, and re-plug it in, and the update would resume. So, that’s what I did…and the upgrade proceeded. Sweet, I thought, until the Nano restarted and my system promptly started locking up, unable to recognize the device as an iPod. Greaaaaaaaaaat. Sure enough, after fighting with Windows to let me remove the device safely, I checked out the iPod and promptly saw that my playlists, tracks, etc. were, erm, gone. Lovely. Upon plugging it back in, the Nano rebooted again. This became a fairly common occurrence. So, once again I hit The Google™ and stumbled on this thread at PlanetAMD64, which turned out to be solid gold. After sticking the iPod in recovery mode as per the instructions, I was able to format the damn thing, restore the software to a properly working state, and get on with my day, restoring my files…in Winamp. :P Winamp 5.3 fixed a few things with iPod support, I think, because it’s working a lot better now. So, yet again, screw iTunes. :) I’ve got a bit more of an eclectic mix on there now (didn’t include all three CDs of Trammell Starks’s Music For Local Forecast this time around) and I quite like it. The software improvements in version 1.3 are nice, too, with a maximum volume limiter, improvements to battery life, and better responsiveness coming from standby. Too bad it was such a bitch to install, though. I’ve got to redo my playlists but that’s a task for Thanksgiving.
  • Microsoft seems to have fixed a very annoying issue in one of its recent patches (likely the MSXML patch): I was freaking out for a month because it seemed like every few clicks, it would register as a double-click, sometimes really fouling things up for me. Thanks, MS.
  • The forecast for the rest of the week: Crappy, icky, terrible cold rain. I absolutely abhor this type of weather, especially around Thanksgiving. I can’t remember having a rainy Thanksgiving in forever. Stupid coastal low, “sou’easter”, whatever. I heard rumors this morning that there would be some snow this weekend but I can’t find anything that suggests we even have a chance at that. Maybe in the mountains…who knows. It most definitely won’t be here.
  • I’ve been digging back into Ryan Farish’s back catalog recently, with an opportunity to hear some of his rare works from his mp3.com days. There are so many songs that are out there that he should repackage and sell in a Selected Works Super-Duper XPanded release. “Healer” is most definitely one of those tracks that needs to live on. Pure Farish musical goodness in that one.

Catch you guys during the day tomorrow…I’m sure I’ll find something to harp on. :)

Word 2007’s priceless time-saver for people writing papers

So last night I was writing a paper (a speech railing on DRM, to be exact) and had to cite five sources in MLA format. As most students can tell you, doing this by hand summons marked levels of discomfort in the posterior. It’s always the most painful and tedious part of the paper. Last night, however, I found a reprieve. Continue reading