As Per Whatever

Monitoring today’s NFL action…

Of the two games I can get right now, Colts @ Jaguars has been a much more compelling contest than the latest Panthers humiliation, at home against the Giants. This is a very, very interesting game — the Jaguars are up 37-17 right now, with 11:13 to go in the 4th quarter. If the Jaguars pull off the upset, the Chargers — pending their game at home against the Broncos at 4:30 — will be the number one seed in the AFC!!!

So yes, for today at least, my favorite of the two 1996 expansion teams is most definitely the Jaguars.

As for the Panthers, Chris Weinke is demonstrating why he’s a backup. He’s made some terrific throws and then he’s made some outright boneheaded plays. Put Basanez in, and FIRE DAN HENNING!

By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.