Daily Archives: December 26, 2006

Post-Christmas Debriefing

Christmas this year was nice — naturally, I stayed with the family in Goose Creek for the night as is tradition. I was pretty slack in not completing my wrapping until 1am, though, as I was frantically trying to post Christmas messages on as many MySpaces possible — a very Web 2.0 way of caroling (I inevitably missed some people, too…oops!) This year certainly marked the first time I ever awoke on Christmas morning to a tornado warning, though. It could have been a lot worse, though: my hearts go out to the families in Florida whose homes were seriously damaged by the tornadoes that touched down yesterday.

After that bit of excitement and bamboozlement got out of the way, the next struggle was getting my brother to wake up. That took a while, but he was eventually wooed at the idea of cinnamon rolls, etc. :) Then we opened our gifts — not around the tree, thanks to a new addition to the family (I’ll be getting to that in a few), but rather at the table. It was also the most organized unwrapping of gifts we had ever done, because as soon as something was unwrapped, the wrapping went in the trash — no conglomeration of dead wrapping paper trees or anything like that. This, too, was a consequence of the as-yet-unnamed New Addition to the Family.

So if last year was the Year of Whiz-Bang Gadgetry for Jared’s PC(s), this year was the Year of the Gift Card to Finally Buy New Clothes For The First Time in a Year and a Half. So yeah, I’ll be checking out the Tanger Outlet when things start to calm down a bit. Should be good — yes, it really has been that long. I just don’t wear things out like I used to. I got some other nice, random things that I’ve needed so that’ll be useful. I’m definitely a big fan of utility gifts. One thing I do need to do with some of my Christmas money is buy Anchorman, though. It is a travesty that’s not in my collection yet.

The rest of the day was playing Gears of War on my brother’s Xbox 360, watching Talladega Nights, and falling asleep as Philadelphia embarrassed the Cowboys. Then I went home and cranked Trammell Starks, as no one else was in the house. :) A good day, to be sure.

I mentioned this “new addition to the family” a couple times. Well, a couple weeks ago my dad — despite his temporary stay in my mother’s doghouse as a result — brought home Holly, a part Siberian husky/yellow lab mix. And, well, she’s adorable, if not quite a handful at the moment (7 weeks!). Yes, there are pictures (click the thumbnails for larger sizes):

Holly Holly Holly

So here we are, on the home stretch of 2006. This year went fast. I’ll be finishing up a semi-large Year in Review blog post here soon (it’s in my drafts). Now I need to find out what/if I’m doing anything for New Years’, as this whole sitting alone playing Counterstrike thing like I did last year, well, completely blew. ;)