Daily Archives: December 29, 2006

Crazy, insane idea, that I just might do

So in the midst of the Great Rearrangement of the Room, I noticed that I have a very interesting situation on my hand. See, one of the walls in the room is not so much a wall as it is just one giant sliding door, so I theoretically could open up my entire room to the living room if I so desired. While I don’t see much of a need to put this into actual practice, I did keep the area in front of it clear just in case.

All of a sudden, an idea bulb went off in my head, and I got to thinking: What would it take to put a green screen here? A green screen would permit me to superimpose myself over any image I wanted, something frequently used by filmmakers for special effects and by news stations to put maps up behind the TV meteorologist. Plus, I have a PC with FireWire so the camera wouldn’t be a problem, and I have some rudimentary video editing stuff that appears to have an option for this. Finally, I found a place that sells 40×10 yards of the green screen fabric for a shade over $100. Expensive, to be sure, but that’s a lot of fabric. I may look into something cheaper, though (and paint is NOT an option!)

But yes, combine all those…and I must say, having a personal test lab would be mighty useful when I get into my video production courses in a semester or two…