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2006, In Memoriam

I must be at that point in my life where time begins to hit the third gear and accelerate a bit more, because 2006 just flew by. A lot changed again this year — but unlike 2005, this year started to show real strides forward toward serious improvement in my life. In many ways, 2005 set up 2006, and did it pretty much to perfection. So, in the tradition of many an insomniac blogger such as myself, how about a look back at the year that was 2006?

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Insomnia, For The Loss!

Random insomnia-borne observations:

  • A couple days after realigning the room, I’m really a big fan. Why didn’t I do it this way the first time?
  • I tried to watch Abrams & Bettes on The Weather Channel last night. Couldn’t do it. I like both their personalities, but I can’t watch the show. Something about it seems really forced, like they’re trying to crowbar a newscast into a lineup full of…newscasts. So, they make it extra newscasty, which, in my mind, just doesn’t seem to work. Watching A&B made me long for the days of the early-to-mid ’90s again.
  • I remember the last time a pitcher went to an NL West team for over $100 million. What are the odds of Barry Zito turning out like Kevin Brown in San Francisco? Zito’s magic avoidance of injury thus far in his career has been impressive, but any guy with a hook like he has is asking for arm problems down the road. The Giants paid a lot of money and once again took this offseason to ridiculously new heights, as if that was even possible. A pitcher the likes of Johan Santana should easily command $20-$25 million a year now on the free agent market. Look for small market teams to be much more guarded with their farm systems as the years roll on.
  • Nothing says Christmas like marshmallow-stuffed snowmen. Nothing.
  • Vacations that take a lot of work and are over-planned totally defeat the purpose, IMO. I’ve been talking to a friend for a few days who has been absolutely exhausted from her vacation in Florida, which was planned out point by point. What’s the point of a vacation where one MUST be up at 9:30 every morning? That’s low value. This friend is now taking a vacation from vacations.
  • Brian Goode’s calling it: Rain on New Year’s Eve. It’s looking pretty solid for that, too. The more I think about it, the more likely I am to stay in at this point, though wandering to a random bar to be selected is not totally out of the question (unless someone wishes to kindly save me from this kind of low value fate).
  • I signed into Classmates for the first time in about a year and a half this weekend, and was reminded why I stayed away in the first place: Errors, ads, and then not being able to do anything without paying a fee…in other words, it’s totally incompatible with Web 2.0. Facebook and MySpace effectively render sites like Classmates pretty much obsolete thanks to their unbridled FREE accessibility and more expressive profile options.
  • I’m looking forward to the new semester, real bad. I’m in several media courses and am really looking forward to getting into the meat of the major.
  • If you have LiveJournal, I’ve got The Blog crossposting to mine now. Add me to your friends list if you like. :)
  • Finally…I have a lot of work to do in Flight Simulator 2004. I’ve been struggling badly with my landings…

It’s bedtime for real now, before the sun comes up. :) Later folks.

In case you haven’t seen it in the news yet

Saddam Hussein’s been executed. I guess noose beats pen missile, huh?

I’m not sure if executing Saddam is going to have much impact one way or the other, but no matter how you look at it, justice was done. Maybe a glimmer of hope can arise from this — then again, knowing the situation there, maybe not. Tough to say, really. It’d be nice if a breakthrough could come as a result of his execution so we can start to draw down a bit but I’m not going to hold my breath for that. Somehow I think the insurgency really doesn’t care whether Saddam is breathing or not.

Notice the new WCBD theme music?

I guess a couple days or so ago WCBD (Channel 2 in Charleston, our NBC affiliate) introduced a new music package, replacing that familiar jingle we have all come to know and love over many, many years. Thanks to a tip from a frequent commenter, I’m pretty sure I know why, too.

Tyler, an avid follower of TV news trends who I chat with and posts in comments here on a regular basis, was telling me about some unbelievable price increases at Stephen Arnold Music, a company that specializes in news and other production music. These increases are prompting a lot of stations to drop their packages. According to the News Music Search Archive, WCIV and WCSC also use Stephen Arnold packages — in fact, WCIV switched to a new Stephen Arnold package just this year. I wonder if Albritton and Lincoln Financial will keep SA around on these stations as well. I guess time will tell on that — not that it matters to most people, but hey, you never know. :)