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Back from (not-so-)Hotlanta

I’m back in town now from Atlanta. Had a great time, though I froze my happy little ass off! Try 40 degree weather with a 25 mph crosswind on a high platform waiting for a MARTA train for 25 minutes. Yowsa!

Much, much, much, much, MUCH more on this weekend at a later time. The marathon of ridiculous work starts now.


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Yes, Atlanta is On

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be on my way to Atlanta in a few short hours. Should be fun, though I should go to bed soon. LOL. Unfortunately this is a working roadtrip, as I’ve got a laptop with me to do stuff for work/class. Nutty. I’ll talk more about some of this later on this week.

I’ve really shaken up my playlist in the last couple weeks. The iPod now contains far less Weather Channel jazz, in favor of a varying lot of rock music. My Incubus obsession continues, and I’ve gotten obsessed with some of the early ’80s British bands that inspired Metallica to go out and do their thing (Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, etc.). Oh, and I have been completely about The Cure lately. Tantric’s also gotten some increased airplay. But don’t take my word for it, keep an eye on my charts. Clearly, this is a sign that, for the first time in a year or so, females are troubling me. I consider this a positive sign. Haha.

WordPress 2.1 is out. I am itching to upgrade but the WordPress team has made some nifty template changes — as a result, I’ll need to audit my template. This will take a while to review, so it may be a few weeks before 2.1 goes live here. I’ll be really happy to have an auto-save feature finally, but I’m hoping to avoid the serious issues Chris is having with his blog right now.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I may do a little writing from the road — we shall see.

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The infrequent blogging will continue…

Sorry I forgot to post my State of the Union thoughts. I’ve been so busy these days I haven’t had much time to think straight, and thus, no coherence for The Blog.

The plan is for me to go to Atlanta this weekend with Tom to taste beer at the Sweetwater brewery and watch a little NHL hockey on the cheap. However, there are many things transpiring right now that don’t want that plan to happen. We shall see — it may be a requisite thing for my sanity that I go. I probably still will go even if I sell my shoes in the parking lot or something.

It’s my hope things will stabilize a bit after the first of the month and I can get back on a more sane blogging schedule.

I leave you with the story of a very unfortunate iguana. You can’t help but feel bad for the little guy with a very big problem…

As Per Whatever Politics

Thanks, CNN!

If it weren’t for CNN Pipeline’s free day today, I probably wouldn’t get to watch the State of the Union tonight by virtue of my late-night shift listening out for classroom issues. Pipe 1 is playing in my second monitor right now. Great stuff. I wonder how badly it’s going to get killed tonight.

Thoughts on the State of the Union after the speech…

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And so it is: Colts v. Bears

Wow. I am incredibly exhausted from the ballgame tonight. What an unbelievable comeback for Peyton Manning — he finally slayed the dragon, where “the dragon” is “The New England Patriots.” What a game. I can’t imagine what it was like for the fans who were actually THERE.

The Bears are in, too. The Saints had a good run, but the Bears totally outplayed them today in Soldier Field. Was it a statement game for Rex Grossman? Tough to say, but he recovered from a poor start and helped put it away. I wanted the Saints to win and had picked them but the Bears came out with the suffocating defense that they had employed at the beginning of the season. It was a nasty game on a nasty field with nasty weather — indeed, what one would expect in Chicago in January.

This is going to be quite a Super Bowl — the suddenly multi-dimensional Colts facing the Bears D will be a great one, no doubt.

I may or may not blog tomorrow. Tough to say. We’ll see what happens — I just know I’m quite busy these next couple days.

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For the record

The thermals were deployed this morning, and I did remember a shirt this time. What an utterly miserable, windy, BLAH morning! More later…


Deploying the thermals…

I’ll let the Weather STAR 4000 Emulator tell the story on tomorrow’s weather in the Southeast.

Deep Freez(e)

Needless to say, the thermals are coming out tomorrow for my early-morning walk to campus. I may even modify my route so I don’t get blasted by the wind tunnel courtesy of Rutledge Tower. I would really love to grab a handheld anemometer and measure the wind in various locations around Charleston. (I would also like to get a handheld altimeter so when my friends ask me where I am, I could tell them a location as well as my altitude, but I digress.) Tomorrow will be the trifecta of rain, cold, and high wind — in other words, the weather I oh-so detest. Le sigh.

I hope everyone’s safe tomorrow driving, especially inland. Looks like this icing has a potential to be a real problem. We shall see.

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A late night in the office…

Well, it’s a late night in the office tonight. This evening marks the first time CofC has offered classroom support past 5:30 that included an actual direct phone call. Soooo, I get to be part of one giant experiment. Apparently it’ll be quiet on these nights, but you never really know when it comes to technological emergencies. I’ve gotta say, it’s a little weird being the only one in the office. Haha. All the lights are out except in the shop, which pretty much signifies that “I’m the man now, dog.” Thus, Extreme is playing at a low volume (so I can listen out for the phone ring).

I just hope the rain and the markedly colder weather hold off until after, say, 10:15PM or so, when I get to check out. The hour-by-hour breakdown on suggests it’ll be 52 downtown with cloudy conditions when I leave here. Let’s hope they’re on with that one. I don’t want to get caught in frigid, wet weather with only a sweater-shirt and khakis. My cold tolerance is admittedly faint below about 50 degrees or so, and when rain’s mixed in…look out. Very low on the Valuemeter. I really, really hope the icing scenario doesn’t play out. That stuff just isn’t fun at all. I’ll never forget driving to Greenwood from Charleston that March night in 2003, after getting back from San Diego for my grandmother’s memorial — by the time I arrived, my car was covered in ice and it took quite a bit of force to get out. That was nuts, especially for someone not versed in winter weather at all. Of course, the next month up there, we had tornado warnings on what seemed like a daily basis.

Last night was productive. I popped into the new Tanger Outlet in North Charleston, armed with a gift card that I received for Christmas. I left with four pairs of pants and four shirts (including the sweater-shirt I’m currently wearing) from the Gap for a shade under $130, most of which was absorbed by the gift card. Clearances really are a beautiful thing. It’s also nice to finally have some recent new clothing, to boot.

Everyone was extra nice to me at work today after the Chargers’ loss. I wonder why. :P

Hope you all have an enjoyable evening — catch you on the flip side of the front!

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New gig!

I’ve started doing a little co-blogging over at Patrick’s I’ll be doing a little news reporting and a whole lot of analysis of Microsoft’s products and some of their corporate moves over there. Here’s my inaugural post where I discuss some early reaction to Windows Vista’s RTM version. Please visit and share your thoughts!

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What a game…

A shame the game did not end in victory for the San Diego Chargers, but it was yet another amazing display by Belichick and Brady. Even when he’s not on his game — which he wasn’t in San Diego — Tom Brady is one of the all time greats in the playoffs, period. The Patriots beat a good football team today, who just made too many mistakes. Going for it on 4th and 11 in the first quarter hurt. Marlon McCree fumbling an interception back to the Patriots set up a touchdown. Philip Rivers’s receivers were dropping balls all game. It’s no wonder the Chargers lost.

I think this was Schottenheimer’s last game, and that’s a shame. A 14-2 record is nothing to sneeze at, but he’s been in general manager A.J. Smith’s doghouse for a couple years now, and he may have the leverage he needs to make a change, to get “his” man in there, whoever that might be. But in a coaching market that’s really not that great-looking, I’d strongly advise A.J. Smith to retain Schottenheimer for another year.

It was a good season. My hat’s off to the Patriots, who continue their ridiculous run of playoff domination. However, I’m going to endorse the New Orleans Saints the rest of the way — now that the Chargers are out, how can I not root for the former Charger quarterback who has led one of the most incredible revivals of a team in all of sports? How great of a story would it be to see the New Orleans Saints, 3-13 and homeless last season, resurge as a Super Bowl champion the next? Here’s hoping it’ll happen. Meanwhile, Spring Training starts next month, so that’s something more to look forward to. ;)

I had a fantastic time with the bloggers tonight at the Madra Rua. Our server, whose name escapes me at the moment (and I didn’t seem to bring my receipt home — drat!), deserves a huuuuge round of compliments. She was fantastic. It was really great to see everyone again. Hopefully next time I won’t be red-faced screaming at the television. :)