This morning did not start well

Before today, I couldn’t say I’ve ever gone to class without a shirt before. See, I was rushed in getting ready this morning for class, and threw on my thermals and such…threw on my jacket…and left. I think I was distracted because for three minutes I couldn’t find my right shoe. So, I went to unzip my jacket in class when I realized that I hadn’t put my typical polo shirt on, with only the thermal there.


Oh, and this “being sick” thing can just stop now. It’s just getting old.

Classes are good, though. Can’t complain. I got out of my 8am early (happens a lot on the first days), so I was able to run home, put a shirt on, and even squeeze out a blog. :) More on my classes later, when I have a better idea of how my semester’s going to shape up.

Off to my 9:25…

5 thoughts on “This morning did not start well

  1. NotMyBest2Day

    Friend of mine has been sick since the end of October. Turns out it was a bacterial infection. Got enough meds to make a bowl of Skittles and he’s on the track to recovery. If it’s not a generic-symptom illness, you should look into possibly making a visit to the doctor’s office.

    And that’s kind of funny about forgetting a shirt. You didn’t get the thermals all the way off before you realized it, did you?

  2. maneec

    Well, it could be worse. You remembered pants. Though I’m sure the weather outside would have certainly reminded you if that was the case. :-P

  3. Jared Smith

    Yes, most definitely…gotta say, the new thermals I got just before Christmas are incredibly potent. I couldn’t even tell I wasn’t wearing a shirt until I looked down. :)

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