Do you have LiveJournal?

If you spend any time around LiveJournal, I’ve begun to crosspost The Blog on my old account there. For a while as I was inbetween websites (The Realm was offline at that point and I had not yet decided its future), I did a great deal of blogging on my LiveJournal. Then, when I decided to remake the domain into my personal site again, I installed WordPress, and left my LJ for dead (or at least the random friends-only emo post about girls or something). For the longest time, it sat dead. I had initially tried to bridge this gap by setting up a syndicated account but that never really caught on — plus, I had no idea about any comments received there, so I didn’t have an opportunity to respond or anything. Recently, though, Chris at Signal 46 inadvertently tipped me off to the existence of the WordPress LiveJournal crossposting plugin. I installed it, and now the people who managed to hang on to me on their friends lists for the year and a half I didn’t post there now once again get a regular dose of Jared goodness. Plus, they’re able to comment there with their existing LJ account, which I’m sure is more convenient for them. I’m also planning on replicating The Blog on my Xanga account, as well, as I have readers there that also feel abandoned.

Of course, the preferred way to read The Blog is to go straight to the source, but it’s important that people who used to be able to read my thoughts continue to do so. So, if you want to get a glimpse into my mind a couple years ago, feel free to stop in at my LJ and have a look around.