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What a game…

A shame the game did not end in victory for the San Diego Chargers, but it was yet another amazing display by Belichick and Brady. Even when he’s not on his game — which he wasn’t in San Diego — Tom Brady is one of the all time greats in the playoffs, period. The Patriots beat a good football team today, who just made too many mistakes. Going for it on 4th and 11 in the first quarter hurt. Marlon McCree fumbling an interception back to the Patriots set up a touchdown. Philip Rivers’s receivers were dropping balls all game. It’s no wonder the Chargers lost.

I think this was Schottenheimer’s last game, and that’s a shame. A 14-2 record is nothing to sneeze at, but he’s been in general manager A.J. Smith’s doghouse for a couple years now, and he may have the leverage he needs to make a change, to get “his” man in there, whoever that might be. But in a coaching market that’s really not that great-looking, I’d strongly advise A.J. Smith to retain Schottenheimer for another year.

It was a good season. My hat’s off to the Patriots, who continue their ridiculous run of playoff domination. However, I’m going to endorse the New Orleans Saints the rest of the way — now that the Chargers are out, how can I not root for the former Charger quarterback who has led one of the most incredible revivals of a team in all of sports? How great of a story would it be to see the New Orleans Saints, 3-13 and homeless last season, resurge as a Super Bowl champion the next? Here’s hoping it’ll happen. Meanwhile, Spring Training starts next month, so that’s something more to look forward to. ;)

I had a fantastic time with the bloggers tonight at the Madra Rua. Our server, whose name escapes me at the moment (and I didn’t seem to bring my receipt home — drat!), deserves a huuuuge round of compliments. She was fantastic. It was really great to see everyone again. Hopefully next time I won’t be red-faced screaming at the television. :)

By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.

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