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Free Return Trajectory

Yesterday I emerged from my midafternoon nap a little later than I wanted and panicked because I didn’t have a majority of my books yet (I didn’t get paid until Friday). I pulled on some decent clothing, fired up the iPod (which I need to charge), and hotfooted it — no, more like hobbled, as my right foot has been bothering me — to the variety of campus bookstores…and found they were all closed. Such is life, but I can survive a couple more days.

The nice part about living in a lively place like Charleston is that there is no shortage of interesting things going on at any one time. King Street, even at 6, was already a buzz of activity; guys with their ladies dressed up all prim and proper to hit a club or grab an extremely expensive dinner; Citadel cadets with CofC women in tow, out and about; a Philadelphia Eagles fan yakking on his phone outside La Hacienda, and everything in between. Rather than just immediately turn around, I decided to keep walking for a bit, and turned on George Street. If King Street is remarkable for its amazing level of buzz, then I think it’s worth noting that you can walk a block to the west and descend into relative silence (except for the construction projects, of course). That’s another great thing about Charleston; the buzz is there when you need it, and then you can take five steps and it’ll be quiet again. I popped down George Street, weaved about the CofC campus for a bit, and then got back onto Calhoun for the walk home. My mission may have not been accomplished, but it was a great walk on a comfortable day. With apologies to NASA and Apollo 13, I call this my “free return trajectory” — where I take an excessively roundabout way home after walking for a bit. It’s much more gratifying than the “direct abort,” in which I would just turn around and head straight back. That’s no fun. Plus, the free return gives me the opportunity to hear at least three or four more songs, not to mention see different people — that makes it most definitely worth it.

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Oh my…

…the Patriots and the Chargers play today, and I must say, I am nervous as hell. There’s nothing quite like the terrible feeling you get when your favorite team faces Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the playoffs. I last had this feeling in Super Bowl XXXVIII, when the Panthers played the Patriots. Needless to say, it’s an uneasy feeling, but I’m optimistic — the Patriots have had issues with LaDainian Tomlinson in the past, and he will be the key to easing the pressure off Philip Rivers in his first playoff start.

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Whoooops! (Updated! With capture & video!)

Did anyone watching Eagles @ Saints just catch Fox showing the Saints fan dancing and wearing a shirt that proclaims F@%# THE EAGLES? I’m an idiot and wasn’t quick to get a snapshot, damnit.

UPDATE: Never fear, Crooks and Liars is here — with a clear caption of the shirt and video!


AT&T to kill the Cingular name

Over the next few months, The New AT&T will be phasing out the Cingular brand and replacing it with — guess what — AT&T Wireless. Yes, the same AT&T Wireless Cingular bought out a couple years ago. This is a terrible mistake. It’s going to take some creative advertising to make the AT&T brand resonate as well with the youthful demographic as Cingular does now…

Site News

Do you have LiveJournal?

If you spend any time around LiveJournal, I’ve begun to crosspost The Blog on my old account there. For a while as I was inbetween websites (The Realm was offline at that point and I had not yet decided its future), I did a great deal of blogging on my LiveJournal. Then, when I decided to remake the domain into my personal site again, I installed WordPress, and left my LJ for dead (or at least the random friends-only emo post about girls or something). For the longest time, it sat dead. I had initially tried to bridge this gap by setting up a syndicated account but that never really caught on — plus, I had no idea about any comments received there, so I didn’t have an opportunity to respond or anything. Recently, though, Chris at Signal 46 inadvertently tipped me off to the existence of the WordPress LiveJournal crossposting plugin. I installed it, and now the people who managed to hang on to me on their friends lists for the year and a half I didn’t post there now once again get a regular dose of Jared goodness. Plus, they’re able to comment there with their existing LJ account, which I’m sure is more convenient for them. I’m also planning on replicating The Blog on my Xanga account, as well, as I have readers there that also feel abandoned.

Of course, the preferred way to read The Blog is to go straight to the source, but it’s important that people who used to be able to read my thoughts continue to do so. So, if you want to get a glimpse into my mind a couple years ago, feel free to stop in at my LJ and have a look around.

A saner, post-geekgasm look at the iPhone

Yesterday I made a very impulsive post about the iPhone, going nuts over it, etc. Now that I’ve had a chance to settle down now that I’m over the ridiculous excitement I had yesterday, I have a few things that very well could keep me from buying the phone.

  • Up to $599 and no 3G?!? It may be a “revolutionary Internet device” but it needs 3G, which offers broadband speed over wireless, to work to its full potential, IMO. EDGE just won’t cut it. For $199 I could land the Blackjack, with smartphone functions as well as 3G support.
  • I have serious worries over a device that shiny getting scratched to the dickens. Has Apple learned from the first-gen Nano experience?
  • How is this going to work with Windows machines? Will it have Outlook integration? I’m sure it’ll work fine with Windows iTunes, but that’s just a quarter of the functionality. Address book synchronization is critical to me, and a showstopper if it doesn’t work with Outlook, IMO. Again, ActiveSync…erm…excuse me, Windows Mobile Device Center, is just an incredibly elegant solution, and can be had for much less.
  • I’d like to see how they pull off the purported five hours of talk time…and very curious to see the standby time. The fact that they haven’t released that yet kinda worries me.

It’ll be a cool phone, to be sure, but the real killer for me is that it’s far from futureproof. EDGE will hamstring this device bigtime in a year or so, and I would not be surprised to see a slow launch, at least until the prices go down.

Forget the Blackjack…

…because it’s all about the iPhone. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to get my hands on one…

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This morning did not start well

Before today, I couldn’t say I’ve ever gone to class without a shirt before. See, I was rushed in getting ready this morning for class, and threw on my thermals and such…threw on my jacket…and left. I think I was distracted because for three minutes I couldn’t find my right shoe. So, I went to unzip my jacket in class when I realized that I hadn’t put my typical polo shirt on, with only the thermal there.


Oh, and this “being sick” thing can just stop now. It’s just getting old.

Classes are good, though. Can’t complain. I got out of my 8am early (happens a lot on the first days), so I was able to run home, put a shirt on, and even squeeze out a blog. :) More on my classes later, when I have a better idea of how my semester’s going to shape up.

Off to my 9:25…

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The Wild Card Round

CHIEFS AT COLTS: Three turnovers for Peyton Manning, and three headlines about it…

Three Manning Interceptions, Three Repeat Headlines

Realistically, did the Chiefs even have a chance in this one? Perhaps they could have, if they had stuck with the guy that really put them in the position to get into the playoffs. I’m with Don Banks:

If I’m a Chiefs fan today, I’m still irate at head coach Herman Edwards. I mean yelling-at-the-TV mad. What would it have taken to get Trent Green benched and backup quarterback Damon Huard inserted into Kansas City’s wild-card game at Indianapolis? Last week, Edwards talked of his willingness to keep Green on a short lease against the Colts, in effect telling Huard to stay loose.

And then he sticks with Green through one of the worst displays of offensive football in the history of the NFL playoffs. In case you missed it, the Chiefs offense didn’t produce a single first down for the first 41½ minutes of the game. At one point, Kansas City had run 21 plays and totaled 21 yards of offense. In the first half alone, the Chiefs had five three-and-out drives and missed a 23-yard field goal.

SEATTLE AT DALLAS: What happens when Tony Romo makes Martin Gramatica look like Charlie Brown? He gets emo and causes other Dallas fans to follow suit and put it on YouTube — but why? Romo needs to get his mind off Ms. Underwood and listen more to Coach…whoever it ends up being. I don’t think Seattle has a chance in Chicago, unless Grossman struggles again and Lovie Smith pulls a Herm Edwards and leaves him in…

JETS AT PATRIOTS: The Man-Genius meets the Homeless-Genius for the third time this year. The Pats pulled away, but naturally we were all just wanting the game to be over so we could see the post-game handshake, historically an interesting item between these two — and then they really throw us for a loop and go for the hug! With the win, the Patriots travel to San Diego next weekend, and this certainly has me in a panic. The last time the Patriots went against one of my teams, it was Super Bowl XXXVIII (38, for the non-Romans out there), and Adam Vinateri personally drove a stake through the hearts of the Carolina Panthers in the final seconds. At least the Chargers don’t have to travel to New England…more on that as the week goes on.

GIANTS AT EAGLES: Easily the best game of the weekend. Jeff Garcia started cold but got hot, Eli Manning rallied his team back to a tie in the final minutes, but the Eagles marched down the field one more time — and amazingly enough, the last second field goal went off without a hitch. Lots of questions now remain in New York — is this it for Tom Coughlin? Is Brandon Jacobs really the answer to replace Tiki Barber? Will Eli even win anything resembling a big game? Time will tell…

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Of Twin Beds and Badassness (Or: A Comedy of Self-Refuting Arguments)

Editor’s note: I’ve been feeling awfully random tonight. This is the first in a series of completely random and off the wall posts that may or may not include diagrams.

In recent months I’ve come under fire from various folks for reasons not involving political positions or something bad I may have said about one’s sports team of choice — no, I’m taking heat for something I’ve had since early childhood. This item would be my twin bed. (I’d take a picture but that’d be pretty low value seeing how my webcam won’t see that far without an overhead light. I should fix that overhead light.)