Site News Upgrades

WordPress 2.0.6 deployed — important security update!

WordPress 2.0.6 has been released, which contains a security fix as well as a couple nice assorted things to keep things happy. I’m particularly intrigued by the comment filtering. I’ll have to look into that to see how that all works.

But yes, WordPress users should upgrade. :) I’m running it now on The Blog and so far, so good, but as with any upgrade, please let me know if there are problems. :)

As Per Whatever

Tomlinson is MVP!

Congratulations to LaDainian Tomlinson, the runaway choice for NFL Most Valuable Player this year. It’s not much of a surprise, really, that he got the award — not only is he a dynamite player, his value goes far beyond his on-field contributions. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Let’s hope MVP LT and the rest of the Chargers can plow a path to Miami…:)

As Per Whatever Observations

Midday thoughts…

Random thoughts compiled in a little more of a half of a Wednesday:

  • I think my sleeping patterns are righting themselves, at least in terms of last semester: four-hour nap upon arrival home from work, going to bed at 3am, awaking around 7-ish. Sigh.
  • Nick Saban takes the Alabama job. Can anyone ever trust his word again?
  • It’s 70 degrees out, and I’m wearing a sweater. Haha. I knew I kept a couple of my Hawaiian shirts hanging for a good reason…
  • A sign of things to come? There’s already a bit of squabbling over the budget…this is going to be very interesting to watch. If the 109th Congress was the “Do-Nothing Congress,” then it’s entirely conceivable that the 110th Congress may be the “Do Something And Watch It All Get Vetoed Congress” if the squabbling starts right out of the gates. It will be entertaining, though.
  • I really think they should put walk/don’t walk lights on both sides of the Calhoun and Rutledge gauntlet, versus just the side of the street that’s the shortest walk (by the BP). It’s awful inconvenient to have to look back at a walk/don’t walk sign to see just how much time I’ll have before the light switches.
  • This is awesome. He’s playing Half-Life 2 with a Wiimote on his MacBook Pro that’s booted into Windows via BootCamp. Talk about a mess of special configuration…

Back later with a few more hours of life under my belt…


Observations & Anecdotes

Well, I just woke up from a right-after-work nap that ended up extending until about 10:15 — I may be pulling the late shift yet again. ;) Today turned out not to be that bad of a day, persistent intestinal/stomach bug and all. It was nice out and stuff got done, with one glaring exception…

  • The first song shuffled up on the iPod in 2007 was Backwards by Apartment 26, but strangely, it decided not to play. Most appropriately, the next track was “So May It Secretly Begin” by Pat Metheny Group from their Still Life (Talking) album, and that played successfully. At six minutes, it covers my walk down Calhoun pretty well. That, and it’s a great track, only outshined by the next song from the album, “Last Train Home.”
  • The first thing I hear walking into the office: The School of Education reconnection was delayed. That turned out to be mighty unpleasant for folks who were packed and ready to roll. Looks like we techs will be assaulting that project in February now. Don’t get me wrong though — there was still PLENTY to do today in other areas, though, hence why there was only one from-work blog post today.
  • I hadn’t seen Windows Vista for a while until I got back to work today, where I run it. Guess the launch pageantry is really going to ramp up in the next week or so as CES looms. I dunno, I’m still a bit sour on Vista. For what it’s worth, there’s a new set of Realtek drivers out that work with my motherboard — perhaps it’s time to try again? Why do I torture myself so? Who knows.
  • Another work anecdote: I heard today someone was having problems every time they “pulled up an internet” — haha. I was waiting for a lecture on clogged tubes.
  • Alison and I have a similar problem — every time I want to tell my parents something exciting, I have to remember to tell them before I write about it on The Blog as they are frequent readers of this very site. Otherwise, I go to tell them this and they’re like “Yeah, we read it already on your blog”, and the “Wow!” factor is demolished. If there was ever an argument for leaving stuff out of one’s blog, though, I think Alison has it — it really can be quite the buzzkill in a conversation when someone already knows quite a bit about you from the Internet(s). Shouldn’t we be leaving something to the imagination?
  • I wish phpBB 3 would come out already so I could get the forums going…yes, that’s what I’m waiting on. I just don’t want to put so much in the way of blood, sweat, and tears into phpBB 2 when by the time that’s finished, version 3 would have a stable release candidate out (this is my luck coming into play). Though, then again, the predecessor to this site known as The Realm ran on phpBB 1.4.4 for many months after version 2 was released…but I love phpBB 3 and I must have it for my production sites. So there. Haha.
  • MySpace expanded to 300 photos per user today. Great. Two-hundred eighty four more ways for one to embarrass themselves on the Internet.
  • Either William Clay Ford told Matt Millen that the Lions are his ship to turn around, or he’s holding his fingers over his ears with his eyes closed making random, unintelligible sounds at a high volume while intermittently interjecting with “Nanny nanny boo boo, I can’t hear you!” I’m not even a Lions fan and I am absolutely befuddled he’s coming back.

Welp, that’s today in a nutshell. Catch you all sometime tomorrow — hopefully not at 4:30am. :)

As Per Whatever

I should try this


Walls of an auditorium were covered with thousands of sheets of paper — printouts from MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and other online sites that were filled with back-stabbing gossip, unflattering images, and details about partying and dating exploits.

Each posting was easily accessed online, no password needed. But seeing them on paper — and in some cases, being asked to read them aloud — grabbed the attention of members of the North American Federation of Temple Youth, who gathered earlier this year at a camp outside New York City. That each of the pages mentioned their organization in some way only made it that much more embarrassing.

You know, I bet if I printed out a bunch of CofC MySpace and Facebook pages and stapled them to the bulletin boards around campus, there would be a lot of unhappy campers around here…

As Per Whatever

Thanks, Mother Nature

Well, at 48 degrees and rising, Mother Nature finally decided to feel like January at least for a day or two after a week that was very springlike. Looking at the forecast, though, suggests that this will be shortlived and we’ll be back in the 70’s by next week. I reiterate that these aren’t total complaints but come on now…it’s January for crying out loud. Let’s at least try to feel like it!

I never went back to sleep after my previous post last night. How low value is that? I think I’ll make it today though. Gotta force myself into getting up earlier on a regular basis. Well, I guess waking up at midnight counts.

I’m officially starting my day with a little Spyro Gyra to try to get myself in the mood to hook up the new School of Education, which allegedly is happening today (unless things change, which can and generally does happen more than I’d care to admit). I can imagine incoming CofC President Dr. Benson will be moving into 6 Glebe soon, so that’ll be another thing to hop to. Interesting times ahead, for sure.

Alright folks — off to brush my teeth and head out back to the grind for the first time in a week and a half. It feels like a month, but it hasn’t been long enough.

As Per Whatever

Well, that was quick…

One of my predictions just went down the pipe: Jim Mora, Jr. was fired by the Falcons after his third season. So much for the warm, fuzzy Arthur Blank that was going to keep him around…optimism: deflated.

In other news…

  • I can’t sleep — and I’m going to be at work in t-minus 7 hours or so. Perhaps I should cue Disc 2, at risk of my brother stealing more girls from me in my dreams…
  • As convenient as it is, I turned off the WordPress auto-trackback stuff. I just would like to link back to my own blog without getting an email. ;)
  • A part of me is looking forward to seeing the CofC campus not be such a ghost town. A part of me also prefers the CofC campus as a quieter place.
  • I think so much about going back to work, but classes resume Monday. Nutty. This is going to be one heck of a semester as I’m now going to kick up the afterburner a bit on the major and plow ahead toward the degree. Maybe I’ll see Agricola around campus?
  • After further review, “My joystick is just a bit eager. :)” was the perfect post title to send out the blogging of 2006.
  • Looking at the academic calendar, I’m just amazed at when the last exam is: the 2nd of May. Wow. I think that’s the earliest it’s ever been, and I’m not complaining much. Knowing my luck, I have an exam that day, too.
  • Comedy Central ran some of my favorite movies for New Year’s: Airplane, The Naked Gun, and Police Academy 4. That, combined with chicken kabobs, rice, broccoli, and crescent rolls courtesy of Mom rang the year in on a great note.

And so it goes, back to the grind tomorrow. Knowing my luck I’ll be feeling a lot better…just in time for work. Haha.

Later folks.

As Per Whatever

Some 2007 predictions

I forgot to get to this before 2007 actually came, but here we go nonetheless with my nonexistent magic 8 ball. I seem to have a good track record with magic 8 balls — the last question I asked one was “will I have a girlfriend within a month” — I ended up dating the girl I was with that night for two and a half years. So there you go. Take that — and these predictions — with as many grains of salt as needed.


  • I can easily foresee a Saints-Chargers Super Bowl, but don’t count out the Eagles and the Ravens either.
  • I predict that Rex Grossman will be pretty unpredictable in his second playoff start.
  • I predict that the AFC representative in the Super Bowl will pound the NFC equivalent. It may as well be the ’60s again — the AFC and NFC are two totally different leagues right now.
  • Jim Mora Jr. gets one more chance in Atlanta, but with a total shakeup of his staff. Tom Coughlin is outta there. Dan Henning is fired in Carolina, and Keyshawn Johnson will retire. Cam Cameron, the Chargers’ offensive coordinator, will leave for a head coaching job. Bill Cowher will retire for a year and Tim Whisenhunt will assume the controls of the Steelers. Jared Smith will not be considered for any potential coaching vacancies.


  • The Padres will finish third in the NL West, behind Arizona and San Francisco. San Fran’s acquisitions in the offseason make a fairly decent team much more competitive. The Big Unit will face revival in the heat of the desert, out of the heat of the New York lights, and will win about 15 games for a young and scrappy D-Backs squad. The Padres will struggle with Termel Sledge leading off, Peavy will have an arm injury (with his delivery, it’s inevitable), and the Padres at the end of the day will still have no idea how to win in Petco. The Dodgers and the Rockies will fight it out for the NL West cellar, as the Dodgers bled players this offseason and the Rockies still play in Coors Field.
  • I see Mike Hampton being a pleasant surprise at #5 for the Braves. Additionally, their young hitting will continue to improve. Are they a match for the Mets? Probably not, but as long as Bobby Cox is the Braves’ manager, they have a fighting chance to make the playoffs and bow out early every year.
  • Brian Cashman’s approach to youth with the Yankees will deliver yet another division title in the Bronx. A-Rod will bounce back, and their rotation will be fine. Daisuke Matuszaka will prove to be a $100 million flameout in Beantown — a Red Sox version of Hideki Irabu. This was an extremely bold move that I’m not sure the hype will let pan out.
  • The Royals will pay $44 million for .500 baseball from Gil Meche.


  • 2007: Year of the Hearing. Need I say more?
  • The United States will begin drawing down in Iraq by the end of the year. (We can be optimistic, right?)
  • Ted Stevens will continue to preach on about tubes and trucks as Net Neutrality takes center stage again in 2007.

Jared’s Personal Aspirations

  • I’ll meet several fun females in 2007, and promptly scare them away with a pseudo-Freudian slip about local forecast music or overly-eager joysticks, thus contributing to continued bachelorhood through a large portion of the New Year.
  • I may finally finish the entire conglomerate. Maybe.
  • My TV studio project, which I am going to firmly commit myself to, will take off in the summer with plenty of free time and a bit more disposable income.
  • I can see some positive expansion in my Web properties in 2007, with a bit more aggressiveness in the Web sector for a change.

This will be a fun read at this time in 2008…haha.

As Per Whatever

The first four hours of 2007

Well, I rang in 2007 with iced bottled water, as this intestinal bug I’ve been fighting has made it awfully undesirable to drink anything alcoholic, as one can imagine. That, and the bars had private parties/covers and things were just looking pretty low value. So yeah, I stayed in and watched Brett Favre tear up about what is very likely his final game in the NFL. Even better: TNT is running a Law & Order marathon, and they’ve been running some great episodes since 2am from the third season, the final season for Dann Florek and Richard Brooks on the original. I’m recording before I go to bed so I can catch these tomorrow. It’s not often I get to catch early L&O. Perhaps I need to shell out for the DVD sets…or get some sleep. I’m right back at work on Tuesday. LOL.

As Per Whatever

Happy New Year!


Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, and prosperous 2007.

— Jared