Further evidence Spring is already here

The National Weather Service has a “potentially dangerous situation” pegged for us tomorrow afternoon into Friday morning… …Severe weather possible Thursday into Thursday night… A strengthening low pressure system over the Central Plains in concert with a potent upper level disturbance will work together to create a highly dynamic and moderately unstable airmass over the […]

A busy weather day and a meetup!

Perhaps the only thing that could have pulled me away from my sweet-as-all-hell personal street level Doppler radar setup (more gushing on this in a second) would have been a Lowcountry Blogs meetup. It was great to meet up with everyone again — within walking distance, to boot. It was my first time ever going […]

“My world is spinning…helplessly…what’s going on…”

I think Gavin Friday sums up the state of my mind this week so far. This is turning into one of the most mentally demanding weeks I’ve had in years. Luckily, tomorrow’s Thursday, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. (No, it’s not a freight train headed my way.) Academically, things are […]

Anniversaries and more

So today marks thirty years of marriage for my mother and father. Pretty impressive, I must say. We went out to dinner tonight (I was a half hour late after passing out in my reading chair upon my arrival home — oops) and had a great time. I couldn’t be more thrilled for them — […]

Cube monkey removed from typical habitat…

The last two months have been marked with frantic development of new Web pages for CofC’s Information Technology apparatus. Apparently word got around the office that I knew a thing or two about HTML (where do they get such ideas?), so I was drafted into the jungle and started chipping away at the project; first […]

Valentine’s postmortem and more…

Overall, this year’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad. Clad in my new favorite shirt — a brown long-sleeve T with the CNN logo in camo and “Baghdad Bureau” in darker green Helvetica Neue Medium Condensed underneath (it came straight from CNN Center) — I went out the door, starting the day off just right musically with […]

Singles’ Awareness Day, For the Win!

For some, today is Valentine’s Day — the day where many couples of varying levels of happiness exchange chocolate, roses, expensive dinners and jewelry, and, $DEITY willing, end the evening with candlelight and Trammell Starks. (Okay, perhaps the Trammell Starks part doesn’t happen. But then again, you never really know.) For others — including myself […]