Well how about that!

Peyton Manning got his ring. That should silence his critics nicely. I think Joseph Addai is far more deserving of MVP honors, though. The establishment of the run via Addai and, to a lesser extent, Dominic Rhodes, won the game for the Colts and created that ridiculous time of possession gap. Without Addai’s running I don’t see how the Colts win this game, especially since Manning was very shaky early.

I feel bad for Rex Grossman. He first didn’t get the ball much at all, and then when he did get it, things just didn’t go his way. Lobbing up the ball for grabs several times just won’t win a ballgame…it’s really as simple as that. The fumbles and interceptions really doomed the Bears tonight. It’s not going to be a pleasant night in Chicago.

By the way, it’s baseball season now. :) Spring Training in two weeks, for the win!