A dose of reality on the iPhone

With all due respect to those disrespected by Geico, you’d have to be living in a cave if you didn’t realize the iPhone is being released tomorrow. The press coverage amounts to a giant puddle of drool over this thing — I can’t say I’ve ever seen so much excitement for a phone before. You […]

Where was Mike Veeck with Gregg Marshall Night?

Billy Donovan Night is too funny: The Fort Myers Miracle, a Single-A minor league baseball team in the Florida State League, will poke fun at the Florida Gators coach who backed out of his deal with the Orlando Magic when it hosts “Billy Donovan Night” on June 20. Just like Donovan escaped his five-year, $27.5 […]

The New AT&T: Team Hollywood, Internet Police

News is traveling quickly of AT&T’s intent to filter copyrighted content on portions of the Internet it controls. It’s been repeated a million times before, but briefly: The New AT&T wants to transform itself into a content provider, serving up Internet TV. Obviously, people trading copyrighted television shows for free over the Internet(s) is a […]

Weather station update

So among the casualties of the severe weather today were apparently Nightwind’s serial ports — I came home to find that everything had rebooted, but Nightwind was unable to communicate with the station at all. After trying a few things — including resetting the station — I moved the console to healer for testing and […]


At around noon a nasty cluster of thunderstorms made landfall right on Downtown and started dropping some extremely torrential rain and even some nickel to quarter size hail, according to various storm reports. Needless to say, Downtown went right underwater. My street — what I saw of it, anyway — is flooded (and currently without […]