The Monday(s)

Stuff for today… The Web group has been doing a “refresh” of the College of Charleston homepage over the last month. That culminated with its launch today. It was nice taking a site that was done in a tabled layout and literally chopping about 500 lines of HTML off. I didn’t necessarily design it — […]

Stormy weather!

I’ve gotta say, those storms that rolled through at about 6:30 yesterday were pretty intense. You don’t see tornado warnings around here every day, and sure enough, we had two. The first warning was issued for Berkeley and Charleston counties which apparently stemmed from a sighting of a funnel cloud. The next warning was triggered […]


Well if one believes in luck, this is the ultimate day. We won’t see another 7/7/07 until the next century, by which time I’m pretty sure most of us will be dead. It was a fantastic day for my friends Greg and Tanessa as they were married in a wonderful ceremony today. It was a […]

It could always be worse…

I could be walking to work from Folly Beach this morning: This morning just seems like one of those mornings where Downtown will go underwater from a massive downpour. I’ve seen it time and time again. Good thing there’s a canoe in the back…