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A week’s worth of recapping

This past week marked the return to classes at the College. Because of my new job, I’m taking an abbreviated, part-time course load — and honestly, I like the way the classes break up my workday. Because my job no longer involves me going out of the office except for lunch, it’s nice to be able to still get out there every once in a while and trudge my way through thousands of students trying to get to where THEY need to go, too.

The real shocker in the first week of classes isn’t necessarily the classes — no, it’s the throngs of PEOPLE. Charleston effectively adds what, 7,000 at least to its population when classes resume? I definitely feel that when I’m walking by the King Street Subway and see a line 20 deep. I’m sure I could just tell the line that I’m Jared and cut through, but I digress. I get so used to the city and the campus being relatively deserted in the summer months…and then BAM! Oh well — it’s cool to see people back. These days, most of my friends live in Charleston year round, but it was nice to see a few people return from their hometowns.

Last Saturday I saw Superbad with the roommates. It was grotesque, outrageous, and oh, so hilarious. It’s a must see. (Leave the kids at home.)

Ryan Farish came out with some more tracks — it seems as if he’s getting back to that 2002 sound. I’m loving every minute of it, and highly recommend it. I’m getting them through his SNOCAP store on his MySpace page. (A topic for another day: How MySpace Effectively Destroys Attempts at Good Grammar Simply Through Its Name.)

Dean was a monster storm. Cozumel and Cancun sure dodged a bullet, though, didn’t they? Whew. Houston — and the rest of the Midwest, rather — got a little too acquainted with Erin, though. We would have gladly taken that rain off their hands — they certainly didn’t need it, as the flooding shows. The tropics are settled down a bit but it’s that time of year where things can just kick up and get going — and have a lot of time to grow. Keep an eye out. I love how Weather Underground is now tracking not only the defined tropical systems but also the Invests — pre-classified disturbances that the Hurricane Center watches closely for development. Previously, you had to dig around NOAA’s site to get at that stuff, so Weather Underground exposing it is a huge help.

I may redo a few things around the site in the next couple weeks. I need a new header picture (my hair hasn’t been that shaggy for months now) and I think the post interface could use a bit of work (and standardization, for that matter). We shall see. I’m off to hit the showers and the bookstore to get a refund on a book that was incorrect. Peace…

YEARGH! T.S. Dean has formed

Scream for T.S. Dean!

Tropical Depression Four has been officially christened by the National Hurricane Center as Tropical Storm Dean with 40 MPH winds.

The model runs on its future path are somewhat interesting — this is one to watch, folks. It’ll strengthen slowly but there is a lot of uncertainty over whether it will track more southerly or do that recurvature to the west-northwest that most tropical systems that far out eventually do.

Needless to say, I think this is ONE Dean we hope ISN’T going to South Carolina, and Oklahoma, and Arizona, and North Dakota…

Anybody want to see Van Halen?

The Van Halen w/ David Lee Roth (and minus Michael Anthony) dates are out. They’re kicking off the show — AGAIN — in North Carolina (the 2004 tour w/ Sammy Hagar started in Greensboro) with a Charlotte show on Thursday, September 27 and then a Greensboro show on Saturday, September 29. Tickets go on sale on Saturday.

Is anyone down to go? I’ll probably be hitting the Greensboro show — I haven’t built enough leave time to ruin two days of work, not to mention class. :) I haven’t a clue how much the tickets will be, but if they’re anything like the last show, they’ll probably be around $80 or so.

Finally, it really sucks that Michael Anthony won’t be there for this tour. It’ll be cool to see Eddie VH’s kid on bass, but he’s no Michael Anthony.

Trying to slow the Hiatus Train

Rumors of my rapid descent from Earth’s surface have been greatly exaggerated. I’m alive, well, etc. Just — and stop me if you’ve heard it — insanely busy for the last month or two. I did a little pass on my site this morning and have noticed cobwebs beginning to grow in the biographical pages, for instance. This is something I certainly need to resolve. It’s just hard to work up the energy after putting in a great deal of time during the week doing little but sitting at a computer working on Web stuff. It’s just natural.

With school coming up in addition to the time I put in at work, it’s tough to say whether I can bring the Hiatus Train to a full stop or not. I’m going to try, though — I venture to guess that the return to classes will certainly make my life much more interesting and thus much more bloggable. It usually has this effect.

With a week left before classes, I can say it’s been a good summer. I’ve had a good time getting out and about, getting to know my new housemates, and watching a lot of baseball in between. My work has been exceptionally rewarding and has pushed me to be sharper mentally. Physically, switching to a desk job (and Blue Moon) has landed me about 15 pounds and trouble putting on some legacy pairs of pants in the morning. This is not a complaint, though — as most of you know, I’m quite the twig, so any enhancement to my physique helps.

A lot of other peripheral stuff has been going on. Take this weekend, for instance. I got my old (newer) car back Thursday from my brother after driving back from Columbia for work (long story). The car is somewhat humorous now that my brother has given it the “Pimp Your Ride” treatment. (Before and after pics later on, I think.) I then left the map lights on in the car overnight so that when I went to start it Friday to pick up a lady friend (who I am not dating but I can understand why everyone asks us this) it just went poot, rolled over, and died. Yep…I nailed that battery real well. So, I call my dad up and get his voicemail…but he didn’t get the voicemail until 2:30 Saturday. He came downtown and jumped my car, then I followed him back home to top off the battery (it was in good shape driving back, but we wanted to be sure). After verifying the battery charge was good, I made up for the previous evening with dinner and The Simpsons Movie, which is hysterical. Today started late and will end probably before midnight for me…yet another workday tomorrow.

Sorry to Charleston’s bloggers for not making it out tonight. I was just exhausted today, and had stuff to get done around the house.

Hopefully my next post will be sooner rather than later. Time will tell…