A week’s worth of recapping

This past week marked the return to classes at the College. Because of my new job, I’m taking an abbreviated, part-time course load — and honestly, I like the way the classes break up my workday. Because my job no longer involves me going out of the office except for lunch, it’s nice to be […]

YEARGH! T.S. Dean has formed

Tropical Depression Four has been officially christened by the National Hurricane Center as Tropical Storm Dean with 40 MPH winds. The model runs on its future path are somewhat interesting — this is one to watch, folks. It’ll strengthen slowly but there is a lot of uncertainty over whether it will track more southerly or […]

Trying to slow the Hiatus Train

Rumors of my rapid descent from Earth’s surface have been greatly exaggerated. I’m alive, well, etc. Just — and stop me if you’ve heard it — insanely busy for the last month or two. I did a little pass on my site this morning and have noticed cobwebs beginning to grow in the biographical pages, […]