Testing day at the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has been testing new flash flood warning products, interlaced all over the place with the word TEST so that nobody will actually take action on them, throughout the day here and up in Washington state. Their test warnings have been the ultimate in worst case scenarios, and are somewhat amusing if […]

Is 96Wave coming back?

I saw a note in the “RIP 96Wave” Facebook group that 96Wave’s website is back — it looks as if, at the very least, the Wave will return as a webcaster. There’s no sign, though, that it will hit FM again. Regardless, it looks like the people have been heard, and that’s such a cool […]

The (Attempted) Summer of Love

So over this summer I decided that I was going to try to get back “out there,” so to speak — where “there” is the wonderful world of dating. Because I am incredibly shy and somewhat geeky, I turned to the trusty Internet(s) as a potential method of at least meeting people that perhaps I […]

Phantom of the Opera (Web Browser)

…and no, I’m not joking, either. The Opera browser is an amazing piece of software; it’s achieved what Mozilla could only dream of — true portability. While Gecko was notable in that it would render largely the same on Mac, Linux, or Windows, Opera takes it a step further and ensures compatibility over a wide […]