Rainy days are here again

248nm Reflectivity KCHS

It’s nice to finally get some rain around here for a change. We need whatever we can get. The green and orange blobs — if they hold together (which doesn’t always happen) — will definitely soak us for a bit. And that’s OK — it’s more of an excuse to stay in and code and do stuff. :)

Caught this all over Techmeme this morning (it was reported a while ago, but now that it’s in WaPo, it gets a second wind); in short, the RIAA wants a judge to say it’s illegal to rip CDs, even if they were bought legally, to computers for storage on MP3 players like iPods. (Did the lobby for the preservation of the portable CD player industry get an assist on that?) In short, it’s ridiculous; there’s no sale lost here. Time-shifting — making a copy for personal use and playback at a different time and place — is perfectly legal according to the Betamax decision, and that’s all this is. Alan Patrick at Broadstuff says that if the RIAA gets its way, it’ll be Prohibition all over again. That pretty much sums it up. The standard advice applies: Stick to indie artists or buy used CDs.

The Near-Perfect Patriots and Giants play tonight, broadcast all over the country on CBS and NBC (and NFL Network if you’re cool like that). It’s a big win for the fans, and perhaps NFL Network (that is, if they keep Bryant Bumble off the air tonight, which probably will not happen). I’ll be recording it with my WinTV card. I like to save nuggets like this (like last year’s SNF finale which everyone assumed would be Brett Favre’s last game). Because I’m recording, the Giants will likely win. Haha.

Today’s goal is to have lunch before 3…so let’s see if I can do that. Later folks. Enjoy your Saturday.