Daily Archives: January 9, 2008

Today’s Tweets

  • 8am class. w00t. #
  • I’m in class for 50 minutes and all hell breaks loose! #
  • Beginning of the semester panic — what a joy. #
  • Dreamweaver’s template system is the most ridiculous thing I have ever attempted to work with in my entire life. #
  • @amblin For sure. Can’t wait to bring content management here. #
  • @amblin The College has Cascade Server by Hannon Hill, a small company out of Atlanta. We’re going to be implementing it during this year. #
  • @propellerhead1 I thought you were already on LCB? #
  • Escaping to lunch, then a class at 1. #
  • @propellerhead1 You should follow overheard and send an @ reply to them with that math teacher quote. =) #
  • My television news class is going to be fun. I think I will finally run my Athlon permanently into the ground this semester. #
  • Clemens’ B-12 excuse doesn’t hold water http://tinyurl.com/2f4hvu #
  • AT&T is about to strike a serious blow to net neutrality http://tinyurl.com/2xmmky I wonder if twitter will be able to do encrypted tweets #

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The Temperature Flux

My most recent source of amusement has been the temperature graph for January 2008. That giant valley is that ridiculous Arctic blast that we were feeling at this time last week. Of course, today, I wore a short-sleeve shirt to work…because it got to around 74.

We’ll be back to January reality at the beginning of next week, though after a rainy weekend. In the meantime, I and many others are enjoying this small respite.