Monthly Archives: April 2008

The Lost Art of Patience

Patience. It’s that thing that has been taught to grasshoppers all over the place by many Zen masters. Patience keeps us tempered and reasonably sane in situations that are long and drawn out. In the age of the Internet(s), though, patience is something that, like a grasshopper, is sucked into the slashing vortex of a lawnmower and spit out in a bajillion lifeless chunks. With the proliferation of broadband, our patience drops further. Who doesn’t notice when the Internet is running ever so slightly slower than it should? Technology has enabled the ultimate instant-gratification culture. If we want it now, there’s a good chance we can get it now. Like for example, I saw torrents of The End Begins, Tantric’s new album, out and about last night. If I wanted to, I could have downloaded them right there and then and had it before I was supposed to. I did wait for the iTunes release the next day, which had some bonus tracks, and I had those within five minutes of my purchase. It’s utterly amazing that just a few years ago I would have made a trek to Best Buy or some other record store and picked up the actual physical CD, had to fight through the wrapping of said CD, and finally find a player for it.

This is the thing about this whole instant-gratification thing, though — it seems like it’s spilling over into other portions of our lives, portions of our lives that have no business being instantly gratified. Continue reading

The Game of Relay

This was a gorgeous weekend, save for the severe thunderstorms that roared through Charleston at about midnight Saturday. We’re now in that window where it will be absolutely gorgeous for about three weeks before things take a turn for the humid and miserable, so folks, go outside while you can. To take advantage of it, Duke, Ale, Chris, and I went out to a random park near Colonial Lake Saturday to play some wiffleball. The winds were prohibitive to this, though, and we needed more outfielders. Then, we lost the ball…and that was that.

Luckily, there was a tennis ball hanging around. Ignoring where that tennis ball may have been, we continued to play. We quickly realized that my dazzling assortment of changeups, fastballs, sliders, and sinkers was virtually unhittable, so we decided to change things up a bit…and we eventually came up with Relay. Continue reading

Crunch Time

Well, it’s April, which can only mean one thing: end-of-semester lunacy. This blog has been eerily silent, I know, and that silence will probably continue through Tuesday or so. I have a gigantic pile of e-mail that I am well aware of, but I’m just not sure when I’ll get to dig out. Apologies in advance. I go up Twitterscope occasionally but that’s even been less frequent as of late. I’m glad this is the last April that I’ll have to deal with this (at least for now).

In the meantime, here’s a report about the College’s Geology Club fundraiser that I did for today. Pardon the opening sequence…I swear, the next place that I get, I will do much more to the lighting so that stuff I do at home won’t suck. That, and I need a much better camera.