Fun With Analytics

I’m in the midst of reworking my blog, and any good reworking starts with a hard look at statistics. While I definitely don’t shoot to be any sort of traffic maven A-lister type, I do like to know that at least some of what I’ve written is being read…and boy, is it interesting to see what people like to read and how they find it. How they read it is a big deal, too, as statistics tell me what the trends are for browsers, screen resolutions, etc., and this plays a huge role in redesign decisions that I’m currently making.

The report I’m running is from January 1st to today, a little over seven months of traffic. Some highlights:

  • January 22 has been the busiest day so far this year, with 125 visits. 2007 didn’t even come close to that single-day sort of traffic.
  • Search engines bring the majority of my traffic; roughly about 58% of traffic is through searches, mostly from Google and Yahoo.
  • Twitter has brought me a few hundred visitors since I started heavily using that in January. That’s been on an uptick as of late, too, since I’ve started writing again and inserting links to blog posts in my Twitterstream.
  • Sickeningly, Internet Explorer brings 46% of my traffic to Firefox’s 43%. At least a majority of that IE traffic is Internet Explorer 7.0, but 33% of that IE traffic is still IE 6. (Please upgrade, IE 6 folks…you’re cramping my [cascading] style. ;) ) Also noteworthy: I’ve had one hit from IE 8.0 Beta.
  • Firefox 3.0 has shown solid growth in the last couple months, while older Firefoxes are beginning to trail off.
  • Three percent of my visitors use 800×600 resolution. My next layout may be problematic for them; I’ll be upticking to 1024×768 as the minimum resolution in the next go-around.
  • Macs may be making headway, but 86% of my visits are still from Windows machines. Interestingly, I’ve had iPods and iPhones as well as PSPs and Wiis hitting the site, too. ‘Tis cool.
  • I feel good about using high-res photos in my layouts, as most visitors find me using some sort of broadband connection. 2% of readers use dialup still.
  • Yep, I’m global: 103 countries have visited my site. 80% of those hits are from the good ol’ US of A.
  • As expected, I’m quite popular here in South Carolina. California also shows me a lot of love (likely family influence there), and I get a lot from Texas and New York as well.
  • Senegalese folks, on average, spend the most time on my site, coming in at 9 minutes and 24 seconds on average. 12 other countries simply click and hit Back, spending zero time at all.
  • I struggle to get people to come back. New visitors outweigh returning visitors by more than 3:1. What, was it something I said?
  • Two of my top five pages are blogs about cell phones. Should I be talking about cell phones more?
  • My best pageview day this year was New Years’ Day. I guess I’m a good cure for a hangover.
  • Favorite search keywords? “As Per Whatever”, “Full Thrust Commitment”, and all the folks trying to find out how to remove the mini-feed from Facebook.

Fun stuff. Next week, I’ll be announcing the super-optimized Cell Phone Extravaganza, because clearly that’s what I should be writing about. :)