Daily Archives: July 17, 2008

Enter Invest 96

Note: This is an archived post about Invest 96 in July 2008. For current information about Invest 96 in the 2010 tropical season, please see Weather Underground.

Invest 96 radar image

There’s a low pressure system spinning off the coast of Florida that’s been giving us a really nice northeasterly flow for the last couple days. It’s spun some isolated, short-lived showers onto the coast, too. It’s got quite a well-defined circulation, and I got several e-mails today asking me why the Hurricane Center hadn’t classified it as an area for investigation (aka an Invest). Well, folks, it is now — the Hurricane Center’s tabbed it as Invest 96. It’s not terribly well-organized considering proximity to land, but the blowup of convection on the eastern side of the storm and the environment it’s in warrant an extra eye from the Hurricane Center. The models don’t seem to give it much of a chance to get it together, but it’s early yet and it’s worth watching. It could spin up into a depression in the next few days. It will probably bring beneficial rains to the coast and a little wind, but not much else. In the meantime, despite the intermittent showers it spins onshore, it’s done a lot to keep temperatures much more bearable than normal for July. There’s little haze, and the clouds have been really vivid and hauling butt, making for some fun sky-watching and photography (which I will upload to Flickr once I get a decent set).

More to come from this as things develop.