Hanna “officially” takes aim on the SE coastline

I’m in the midst of getting ready for Serious Business tonight — lots going on. First, the 5PM track for Hanna takes the storm — with significant uncertainty — just south of Savannah Friday afternoon as a Category 1 hurricane. However, it’s far too early to tell exactly where or when or how strong it […]

Gustav knocking on Category 5’s door

Major Hurricane Gustav is closing in on Category 5 status very quickly, raking Cuba and giving Key West quite a blustery time in the process. As of the 5 PM advisory, Gustav’s packing 150 MPH sustained winds, making it an intense Category 4, and is moving to the northwest at 15 MPH. This puts the […]

95L Becomes TD 8, Hanna Soon?

I woke up, went scrolling through my Twitterstream and caught this post by Brian Neudorff — it looks like Tropical Depression 8 has been classified from the former Invest 95L, and this is definitely one for us in Charleston to watch. Models seem to have it taking a southerly dive (!) but again, models have […]

Riffing on Gustav and 95L

The last time I spoke of Gustav, it was a rapidly intensifying tropical storm at 60 MPH; it eventually became a hurricane and made landfall on Haiti as a high Category 1 storm. Haiti’s terrain has subsequently torn the storm apart. As of 11:00PM, it’s only packing 45 MPH winds. Pressure’s up significantly to 999 […]

The End Begins

After one of the more interesting and eventful summer “breaks” (and by “break” I mean “I’m not in class”) I’ve had in recent years, today marks the first day of the fall semester at the College of Charleston. Most notably, it’s my last semester as an undergraduate. This day’s come about two or three years […]