Daily Archives: August 12, 2008

Severe setup for tomorrow

A fairly spring-like and potentially damaging weather event seems to be coming together for tomorrow. A really potent disturbance is making its way through the South, firing off some severe weather including tornadoes. We’ll be seeing that tomorrow — yes, with a threat of tornadoes — as well as a chance for some extremely high winds (some reaching up to 45 to 50 MPH 35 to 40 MPH at times even outside of thunderstorms, mostly in coastal areas). We’ve currently got a High Wind Watch for areas along the coast, and that could be bumped to a warning if the pressure gradient does indeed tighten the way forecasters expect it to. As expected, the Storm Prediction Center has us in a “slight” risk of severe weather tomorrow, so definitely keep an eye out to the skies and be ready for the unexpected. With the risk of high winds tomorrow, it may not be a bad idea to pull some loose stuff in tonight.

My day job has me sequestered in training for most of the day, but I’ll pop in during breaks in case something occurs.

UPDATE: The High Wind Watch was downgraded to a Wind Advisory, which takes effect at 1 PM. NWS now believes that the low, while still quite potent, won’t kick up the higher 45-50 MPH winds as first thought.