Hanna (Is Not Headed To Montana)

A very ragged Tropical Storm Hanna was classified at 11am by the National Hurricane Center. Hanna — aka Tropical Depression 8 and Invest 95L — has never been a great-looking storm as it’s been fighting some shear, and it’s definitely been torn to shreds even more as the day goes on. But Hanna’s been a fighter, and it’s forecast to hang in there and gradually become a hurricane over the next several days.

Hanna’s on a west-northwest track right now; it’s expected to make more of a northerly jog. That much is reasonably certain; but then things get really dicey later in the week as there is significant disagreement in the models as to what is going to happen. Right now, the official forecast slows it down and turns it toward Florida. (Bliss.) Historically speaking, storms near this location at this time of year almost always recurve to sea (with the exception of a certain Category 5 beast named Andrew). However, there are some exceptions, and some storms have gotten pretty close…so, as always, got to keep an eye to this one.

Be sure to swing by Jeff Masters’ blog at Weather Underground. There’s a whole string of waves chugging their way off the coast of Africa. Things could get simply CRAZY in the tropics in the next week. That’s the peak of the season for you, though…

By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.