11am: Track shifts eastward

The 11am advisory is out and shifts the track of Hanna eastward toward a landfall in Georgetown and Myrtle Beach. This is in line with the tropical models I discussed in the previous post, which had shifted significantly rightward. The NHC doesn’t commit as much to the right turn as the models do but this is fairly huge for Charleston. It remains to be seen whether this will stick, though.

Hanna also appears to be making the turn to the north and northwest; once motion resumes, we’ll have a better idea of what’s happening. It’s still too early to judge exact landfall points.

Winds are still 60 MPH; pressure’s at 997 millibars. The NHC noted in the public advisory Hanna’s size; tropical storm force winds now extend almost 300 miles north of the center. It’s expected to organize a bit more as the day goes on and should strengthen back to a hurricane sometime tomorrow. Keep an eye out, and there will be more at 2…