A Sunday night core dump

I’m sitting here with a terrible case of selective writers’ block. I can write stream of consciousness in the blog all day long — which is what this is — but I’m struggling to write a movie review for my editing class. It’s due Wednesday but this is the only time I really have anything resembling energy for homework, which is surprising considering the emotional rollercoaster the NFL has been for the first two weeks. (I don’t want to say much about Week 2 beyond “the Cardiac Cats are BACK!” and “isn’t robbery illegal in Colorado?”)

I was asked about Serious Business tonight. That’s kind of in the clouds right now until school ceases in December. (It’ll be back, though.) I did a quick video earlier to talk about it and some potential format changes.

As you can see, I didn’t do much on Ike; I followed it off and on, but between that and school and such, I have a serious case of hurricane fatigue. I’m glad there’s nothing out there expected to develop for a while. I hate it when storms affect people the way Ike appears to have had; thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as predicted, but the devastation in Galveston and surrounding areas is more than enough of an impact. I’m also glad that cold front season is back; while it’ll be rainy, lower 80s for highs and mid 60s for lows will be nice. We’ll be entering that period of a few weeks where it will be super-nice in Charleston here real soon. I’m looking forward to it — I’ve been pining for a change for a while. Fall FTW.

Back to that movie review. I’m taking an editing class weekly on Wednesday nights, and I’m struggling with what B or C movie to review for a classmate to go back and copy-edit. My first inclination was OMG THUNDER IN PARADISE but now I’m not so sure what I can write on that, especially since it never ran in theaters. I probably could still pull it off, but as I sat down to start writing it tonight, I realized that’s a horse I’ve beaten over and over again. I may change up and do Airport ’79: The Concorde, but this hasn’t been decided yet. Of course, there’s the option of doing a typical mainstream movie, but what fun is that? Decisions, decisions.

I’m hoping to get a little more time/insomnia this week to write up a few more media thoughts. At the meet/tweetup last Friday, Heather and I talked to Raymond and Larry from News 2. (Raymond is the guy behind the @news2 Twitter account I sourced heavily for EOC and closure updates during Hanna.) It was an inspiring conversation, one that has me incredibly fired up and really excited for what the future might hold. Keep an eye to this space for more.

Speaking of this space, someone recently remarked that it “looks the same.” Yep, it does. I had intended on a redesign to be rolled out right around now but life and hurricanes got in the way. I’m stepping back a bit from that, as I think it’s going to entail more than new HTML siding and a fresh coat of Photoshop. More on that as the time gets closer. Current thinking puts the redesign out probably around the first of the year; in a way, the timing makes sense, considering the Bold New Era I’m hurtling toward (and by all indications, the new look will be just as bold as the era I’m headed toward).

I can’t believe how close to Q4 2008 we’re getting. Before you know it, we’ll be pining for summer again. :) Father Time, at some point, called out “ROC for hyperspeed!” and has really started to accelerate things. Remind me to shut down the thrusters every now and again so I can smell roses and such.

4 thoughts on “A Sunday night core dump

  1. Pam

    Serious Business put on the back burner…understand. You have your priorities straight. We will be patient and see it going strong in the New Year! OX

  2. Pam

    Serious Business put on the back burner…understand. You have your priorities straight. We will be patient and see it going strong in the New Year! OX

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