Movin’ to the groovin’

the girl Riot asked over Twitter: “[W]hat songs -move- you?” Needless to say, I’m a sucker for “moving” music, and 140 characters can’t do my list justice, so here we go (with links to listen if possible): Am I Ever Gonna Change? by Extreme. Yes, I fully realize this is the “More Than Words” […]

Temperatures plunge again

Temperatures are once again falling rapidly at this hour; locations inland a few miles such as West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville are already seeing temperatures dropping below the mid-40s. Chances are good for another frosty morning throughout the Lowcountry as temperatures are once again expected to flirt with freezing in spots. I definitely need […]

Another cold one

A brief check of the area weather stations confirms yet another cold morning in the Charleston area. Inland areas (Summerville, North Charleston) are just barely bouncing off 33 degrees; West Ashley and Mount Pleasant are technically a bit warmer, but the changes from 33 to around 35 aren’t much. ;) Downtown and James Island, closer […]

Clearly, the Chargers are reading my blog

Ted Cottrell has been fired as the San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator. His replacement? Ron Rivera, who in his tenure as defensive coordinator with the Bears made their defense something fierce. I’m quite excited about this development and am optimistic that Rivera will give the defense, dead-last in the NFL against the pass, the kick […]

Stuff I’ve liked lately — the October edition

Back in July I put together a little list of “stuff I like.” It’s been a few months, so I think I’ll do another round. FriendFeed Real-time. It’s friggin’ amazing is what it is. This launched a few weeks ago and it has helped increase my FriendFeed usage substantially. It partially fills the void that […]

Chillin’ Out

Like many of you, I’ve been opening the windows the last couple days because of just how wonderfully crisp the air is; it’s been just the right temperature and absolutely wonderful. Tonight, though, you may want to engage the heat. I’ve seen upper 30s being tossed around as lows, with highs reaching maybe into the […]

Introducing Photographica, the redesign

Somehow I found the energy, the sheer will, and a requisite dose of insanity to release a major redesign of this weekend. I call it Photographica, after the fun rotating photos that you’ll come to see as you browse through the new look. A lot’s changed on the site, because a lot’s changed in […]