Heavy flooding in Charleston tonight

Heavy rains have inundated Charleston most of the day — mix that with a high tide enhanced by an onshore wind, and you have trouble.

This is one Friday night to stay inside. The roads are at best an inconvenience; at worst, they are potentially deadly. Floodwaters are still rising throughout the area as heavy rain continues to pound Charleston. Lots of places are underwater and threaten to become impassable this evening, including:

  • Calhoun at Ogier St, Downtown
  • Vanderhorst at Smith St, Downtown
  • Spring St. past Crosstown, before Ashley River bridges
  • Start of Highway 61 just off Ashley River bridges (West Ashley)
  • Highway 61 just north of Sam Rittenberg before Paul Cantrell Blvd. (West Ashley)
  • Highway 61 between Tobias Gadson Rd. and Magwood Rd. (West Ashley)
  • Long Point Road between 17N and Whipple Rd. (Mt. Pleasant) (thanks to Chad Norman)
  • Market, Concord, and Hazel St. Downtown (NWS)
  • Many streets in the Shadowmoss subdivision (West Ashley) (NWS)
  • Main Road and Hwy. 17 in James Island (passable) (NWS)
  • Many roads in Summerville (NWS)
  • River Road on James Island (NWS)
  • Hwy 17 and Orleans Road impassable in West Ashley (NWS)
  • Reports of cars floating in Northwoods Mall parking lot, 2 feet of water in stores (Storm Team 2)
  • All of East Bay south of Mount Pleasant Street (Ken Hawkins/The Digitel)
  • Grove & Simons at Rutledge (Downtown) (Janet Edens Conover)

Spotters in Goose Creek have measured nearly 7″ of rain since midnight at Charleston Southern University. Similar reports of over 6″ of rain in West Ashley have been recorded, and that was a couple hours ago; I suspect the area will receive upwards of 7″ to in some areas approaching 8″ of rain before this is all said and done. The College of Charleston weather station has recorded nearly 5.5″ of rain as of 10:51 PM.

Update 10:46 PM: Eugene Mah sends this blog along, complete with a photo of his backyard which has got a bit of a river going through it at the moment. Also, here’s an incredible flooding picture from ABC News 4.

Update 11:11 PM: Rob Fowler reported over Twitter that I-26 into Downtown at Cosgrove is being closed.

Update 11:32 PM: We have absolutely shattered the official rainfall record for today at the airport with 6.54″ of rain. The record, which stood for exactly a year, was like 2.32″ or something.

Update 11:34 PM: Dan Tennant tweeted this picture of him standing in his yard. Yikes!

Update 11:35 PM: “Notoriously Nice” Mike Courtney sends along this photo from his backyard in Shadowmoss. Shadowmoss is in extremely bad shape tonight — big problems on the golf course.

A Flash Flood Warning is in effect for most of the Charleston metro area until 2:15 AM. I cannot reiterate this enough, but tonight is not a good night to go out. Stay indoors and off the roads; they are deadly. If you must drive — and there aren’t a lot of places to safely do that — be very careful of floodwaters and turn around, don’t drown. You can’t tell how deep they are, especially at night.

I’ll update this list through the night. Contact me over Twitter using @chswx or send e-mail to weather@jaredwsmith.com with any flooding reports you may have — I’ll relay them over Twitter and update this list. Also watch Twitter for any video updates I may do through the evening (I’ve done one already and will likely do at least one more).

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