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Coming up tonight: a Serious look at 2008

2008 was Serious Business. I’ll be taking a look back at what 2008 did and take a stab, with the assistance of the infamous Dragon Dagger, at what 2009 might possibly bring (though I will likely be very, very wrong). I’ll take your predictions in the chat room, and we’ll likely derail the conversation in some awesome direction as we always do. :) We’ll do it live on at 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific. Hope to see you in chat!

Serious Business Hiatus Is OVAH!

Yes, I’m bringing Serious Business back tonight for the first time in three months. While the plan is to do another show next Tuesday, I can’t guarantee that Tuesdays will be the permanent night yet. (Honestly, it all predicates on the day of the week after work I go to Norm’s.) It’ll be the usual 8:30 ET starting time.

What’s on the docket tonight?

  • OMG LISTS: If you ask some people, lists are The Scourge of the Internets. Others deem them necessary, and even more people think “There’s two Internets?”
  • 12seconds Is The New Hotness: — a service that is essentially Twitter for videos, limiting you to 12 seconds to speak your mind — recently went into public beta. With more community building there, it’s starting to become a real blast, and I may have found a great use for it as well…
  • The Answers: A new segment wherein you ask me a question, I consult my source, and give you the answer. You’ll just have to see it.

There’s likely more, and who knows what tangents we might go off on in the conversation — the only way to find out for sure is if you join us at 8:30 ET tonight!

Rude Awakening: The Cold Returns (Briefly)

We’ve been enjoying a period of record warmth here in Charleston, but that is in the process of coming to a very abrupt end. A cold front is pushing through this evening; once the clouds break, expect temperatures to plummet into the low 30s. This is a stark change from lows in the mid-50s that we’ve enjoyed all week. As for your daytime high tomorrow? 45 degrees. Now, those are inland numbers; the water will add a couple degrees downtown and on the beaches, but still — it’s going to feel like winter again in a hurry.

Temperatures will rebound fairly quickly, though; Tuesday gets us into the upper 50s and by Wednesday we’ll be flirting with 70 again. This sets us up for a warm and wet Christmas, unfortunately, with another system slated to come through that day. That system won’t modify our temperatures much, and we’re slated to be in another warm weather pattern through the weekend.

So, keep those jackets handy, but also keep an eye on the short-sleeves, as you’ll be reaching for those again by midweek.

Graduation, in multimedia

"Diploma" and Program

Whole Family Shot

Looking at the crowd

Today was a damn good day. While I was only able to have a limited number of guests, I was still able to invite my friends from all over the world thanks to things like Qik, Brightkite, Flickr, and Twitter. You can see my day as it happened on Brightkite, a couple videos of reasonable quality from the floor of the arena on Qik, and more photos like the ones above on Flickr.

Many thanks to everybody for your congratulations and well wishes — they mean so much. :)

A new day has come

Today is the culmination of a six-year journey which started with expectations (of graduating by 2006 with a computer science major) that were completely different from what ended up happening (graduating in late 2008 with a journalism major).

I have so many different drafts about this day in my WordPress queue, most of which may never see the light. One draft is a pseudo-inspirational look toward the future. One draft is a very detailed personal account of these last few years, with all the pain and joy and passion interlaced together; but today is not the day to rehash those things. I’m not sure when that day will be; perhaps it will be in my memoirs down the road. Either way, while time heals a lot of wounds, it’s still going to take a while before I can publicly talk about some of those struggles that ultimately molded me into who I am today.

So, for the first time in a long time, I’m at a loss for words. The timing couldn’t be worse, too, as this is my thousandth published post to this blog.

Perhaps it’s the relief of passing this milestone, which I made harder on myself to achieve but ultimately did.

Perhaps it’s the realization that just a few years ago, I was near rock-bottom, nearing financial and emotional ruin, drifting through life with no direction and a lack of passion, wondering “what next?” and “why me?”

Perhaps it’s my continued amazement at how a small epiphany during a trip to Atlanta with my dad in 2005 — a highlight of my life in and of itself — put my floundering life back on track, with renewed purpose and vigor the likes of which I had never felt before, wondering “what can I do next?” and “lucky me!”

Perhaps it’s the excitement of the possibility of what I can do with my life now that I’m degreed. Or, maybe that prospect is overwhelming me.

I’m not sure. Again, I can’t put it into words.

In the end, perhaps I’ll approach this like I have the last two years since my return to school, which I announced incredibly non-chalantly in August 2006: One day at a time.

Yes, it took a few more of those “one days” than I probably would have liked, but the end result is that much sweeter, and I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned, both inside and outside a classroom, for anything in the world. It was worth the extra time, because I found what I love. That, folks, is what it’s all about.

To the Class of 2008, regardless of how many days are actually left in the year. :)

Benefits of living in the South, part 2

The College of Charleston IT department had its annual Holiday Party at Wild Dunes today. The temperatures, while a bit chillier on the beach, reached well into the 70s across the area, and it was a beautiful day to wear flip-flops and take in the waves. (My sincerest apologies to my friends at higher latitudes. We’ll be getting ours again Monday, when the high will be lucky to touch 50 degrees.)

Quake, Rattle, and Roll

Charleston got an unusual wakeup call this morning: A 3.6 magnitude earthquake just a few miles from Goose Creek and Summerville. There is, indeed, a fault line in Summerville (making us California imports feel right at home), and it does occasionally perk up, but it’s rare when people actually feel it. So, understandably, there’s quite a buzz this morning.

I didn’t feel it in my apartment in West Ashley, but saw a message come across from the National Weather Service about a possible earthquake and put a message out on Twitter. I got a great response on FriendFeed, especially from Heidi, who was almost right over the epicenter. Reports are that it was felt as far as Johns Island, though.

Did you feel it? Feel free to leave your experience in comments.

Update: News2 reports that USGS has shifted the epicenter more towards Summerville. This jibes well with what Heidi was saying on FriendFeed, and explains some of the comments I’ve gotten from Goose Creek folks that didn’t feel it, either.

Benefits of living in the South: 70s in December

It’s definitely not going to feel very Decemberish this week, that’s for sure. Over the next couple days, we’ll be mired in occasional showers as a trough of low pressure is dropping in. This should clear out and bring us a very nice rest of the week.

It’s just not going to feel like December. NWS keeps us in the 70s for a majority of the week. Yes, 70s! It’ll be nice not to wake up and have to scrape my car, but still — the warmth will make it that much harder to get motivated to sit online and do Christmas shopping. The models seem to keep this warmth in play up through this weekend; temperatures seem to only begin to moderate closer to normal by the beginning of next week when another disturbance comes through. Don’t lose track of your sweaters, but keep the short sleeves handy through this week!

WordPress 2.7…engage!

I’ve upgraded the site to run WordPress 2.7. The big deal about WordPress 2.7 is the new administration section, and wow — it’s a great improvement (if a bit gray — there are color schemes, if I remember correctly, so I’ll get some more color in here). But the UI is really well laid-out, and eliminates a lot of those menu crowding issues that come with a healthy number of plugins. The upgrade was, like pretty much every WordPress upgrade, smooth and effortless, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the product just continues to mature and evolve.

Experience The Warmth

We in Charleston have reverted back to October, apparently. If you’ve stepped outside, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the return of warm, mid-70s temperatures, Charlestonian humidity and a familiar urge to dodge mosquitoes. Funk-nasty. This is happening thanks to a system pumping a very warm southerly flow into the area.

Well, this sort of thing doesn’t last too long in December, and typically, these temperature differences resolve themselves with force. A fairly potent storm system is sweeping through the middle of the country, causing plenty of problems with severe weather across Texas and into Mississippi and Alabama. So, as you might expect, we’ve got a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow, which primarily hinges on how much sunshine peeks through before the front arrives. In fact, the outer portions of the storm are showing up on radar.

So, keep an eye out during the day tomorrow — it could get a little rough at times. It’ll be through by Friday, and we’ll get back into upper 50s for highs (though the lows aren’t currently projected to be as low as they have been, which is good for my getting up on time). One thing is for certain, this late fall has been anything but normal; we just can’t seem to figure that out this time around.