Daily Archives: December 10, 2008

WordPress 2.7…engage!

I’ve upgraded the site to run WordPress 2.7. The big deal about WordPress 2.7 is the new administration section, and wow — it’s a great improvement (if a bit gray — there are color schemes, if I remember correctly, so I’ll get some more color in here). But the UI is really well laid-out, and eliminates a lot of those menu crowding issues that come with a healthy number of plugins. The upgrade was, like pretty much every WordPress upgrade, smooth and effortless, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the product just continues to mature and evolve.

Experience The Warmth

We in Charleston have reverted back to October, apparently. If you’ve stepped outside, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the return of warm, mid-70s temperatures, Charlestonian humidity and a familiar urge to dodge mosquitoes. Funk-nasty. This is happening thanks to a system pumping a very warm southerly flow into the area.

Well, this sort of thing doesn’t last too long in December, and typically, these temperature differences resolve themselves with force. A fairly potent storm system is sweeping through the middle of the country, causing plenty of problems with severe weather across Texas and into Mississippi and Alabama. So, as you might expect, we’ve got a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow, which primarily hinges on how much sunshine peeks through before the front arrives. In fact, the outer portions of the storm are showing up on radar.

So, keep an eye out during the day tomorrow — it could get a little rough at times. It’ll be through by Friday, and we’ll get back into upper 50s for highs (though the lows aren’t currently projected to be as low as they have been, which is good for my getting up on time). One thing is for certain, this late fall has been anything but normal; we just can’t seem to figure that out this time around.