Thoughts while peoplewatching at The Haven

It’s Friday, which means The Haven on George Street is doing their weekly double cheeseburger special. For around $6 (before tip) you get a double cheeseburger, fries, and a drink. Damn good deal, especially considering it’s downtown. Food’s great, too, check it out. Some randomness before I venture into a conference call: The possibility of […]

A few days’ worth of observations

Random observations made on an approximately three-to-four day blogging hiatus that involved a great photowalk (the above photograph and two new images in the titlebar rotation being products of said photowalk; you can find the rest in my Flickr set), an epic lazy day spent with Windows 7, and other day-to-day snippets: redesigns and ups the feature ante

It’s a happy Friday over at as a new look and a refreshed Laconica version went live today. The refresh gives a major interface makeover, including the addition of a tag cloud on a member’s profile, further demonstrating Laconica’s integration of hashtagging as a core feature of the platform. My hashtags are very […]

Serious Business Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Pregame Show Tonight!

After the conference championship games conclude tonight, I’ll be live from the JaredPlex on Serious Business with the first annual Serious Business Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Pregame Show, which I certainly hope will be reasonably self-explanatory. Keep an eye to my tweets or dents for an announcement of showtime. I’m estimating it’ll be around 9:30 ET, but […]

NFL Championship Sunday

Despite the untimely elimination of both the Carolina Panthers and San Diego (Super) Chargers from the playoffs last weekend, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about today’s conference championship matchups. For the NFC, we’ve got the Philadelphia Eagles traveling to Arizona to play — yes — the Arizona Cardinals. In the AFC, the […]

The Perils of Overthinking

I’m a chronic overthinker. I tend to really overthink a lot of things and drive myself insane in the process. This goes for matters of my personal life as well as my professional nerd life — especially as it pertains to websites, including this one. A couple Marches ago when I was frantically reworking this […]